Lieper’s Fork Church of Christ

Lieper’s Fork Church of Christ
Church Of Christ
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This is stop #13 on the Old Tennessee Trail. According to the Williamson County Historical Comission marker:

The Union Meeting House was built on this site in 1821. With the Restoration movement and the preaching of Andrew Craig and Joel Anderson, Lieper’s Fork became the first Church of Christ south of Nashville. In 1831, Seth and Rebecca Sparkman were the first members to be baptized for the remission of sins. David Lipscomb led a convention of Christians, who met here in 1862, to adopt positions of non-combatants in the Civil War. Their petition to Military Governor Andrew Johnson was rejected.
Lieper’s Fork sponsored the Boston Church in 1854 and the Berea Church at Southall in 1876. The present building was built in 1877.