My Christian Bucket List: Spiritual lessons learned while traveling the world

My Christian Bucket List: Spiritual lessons learned while traveling the world

Discover what happens when a young man leaves everything familiar behind including his office job and travels through 19 countries on a leap of faith to fulfill a desire to meet Christians around the world. With no plans but a God-filled human spirit longing for adventure and fellowship, will God fill his every need richly when he seeks Him according to Philippians 4:19? As a sojourner with no home, can he be at home and be a fellow citizen with the brothers and sisters of the household of God, the church, wherever he travels (Ephesians 2:19)? Through Christians and other people he encountered, the author presents the culture, history, food, budget travel advice to save you money, and crazy experiences for each country. Join his adventure through the world but also through life (priorities, money, sins, illness, death, etc…are explored through global and believers’ perspectives). It is the author’s sincere hope that your view of the world and God will be broadened and enriched after reading this book.

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Surfing into the 21st century: seven lessons learned from building a church website.(NEWS): An article from: Presbyterian Record

Surfing into the 21st century: seven lessons learned from building a church website.(NEWS): An article from: Presbyterian Record

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Title: Surfing into the 21st century: seven lessons learned from building a church website.(NEWS)
Author: Keith Randall
Publication: Presbyterian Record (Magazine/Journal)
Date: January 1, 2009
Publisher: Presbyterian Record
Volume: 133 Issue: 1 Page: 14(1)

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New Online Bible Study Lessons Unlock the Mystery to Life?s Crucial Questions

Milford, Ohio (PRWEB) November 27, 2009

Humankind has always had questions about life, such as where do we come from, why we are here, and what does the future hold for us and the world? For many, the Bible holds the answer to these and other mysteries of life, but the problem is that the Bible itself can be challenging to read and understand. Even many bible study lessons themselves are difficult to comprehend. The United Church of God has a mission, which is to announce to the world the teachings of Jesus Christ. Further, the Church desires to prepare those that receive the gospel for the Kingdom of God. Understanding that many people have difficulty comprehending the true meaning of God’s Word; the Church has gone to great efforts to create bible study lessons that are designed to alleviate any misunderstandings. The lessons are available online at, allowing for worshipers to study at their own pace, from the ease and comfort of their own homes.

Although Christians believe that the Bible can, in fact, solve mysteries about life in general and even help in their personal endeavors, many people are confused by biblical scripture. Because the United Church of God wants so desperately to assist others with their journey and exploration of the Bible, they not only offer online bible study lessons, but they are provided free of charge. The lessons are provided in a 12-part series which can be downloaded or read online. The online bible study begins with a basic lesson about why the Bible is the Word of God. The third lesson explores the issue of why God created mankind, and lesson four deals with the controversial topic of why God allows suffering. The bible study lessons help to make the teachings of the Bible clearer and more applicable to today’s world, and therefore, to the life of the one using the online bible study.

The United Church of God also offers publications that can assist with the online bible study lessons. A favorite resource is their book, “How To Understand The Bible,” which teaches that one of the keys to understanding the Bible is approaching it with the right frame of mind: a respect for the fact that the Bible is God’s divine revelation to us.

The book offers tips that also can help with online bible study, including the list of keys for understanding the Bible, including: accept the inspiration of all the Bible, plan time for regular bible study lessons, let the Bible interpret itself and compare different translations.

About The Company:

The United Church of God works diligently to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church is aware that understanding the Bible is not always easy, so in response the Church now offers bible study lessons that unlock the mysteries to the secrets of life. The lessons are available as an online bible study course, which adds to its convenience and accessibility. The goal of United Church of God is to spread the Word of God to people around the world and its free bible study lessons provide one excellent vehicle for that purpose.