Where can I find of list of the lawsuits filed by the Phelps family?

Question by Lucky: Where can I find of list of the lawsuits filed by the Phelps family?
Its common knowledge that when Westboro Baptist Church hatefully protests at funerals and its members are attacked, they immediately sue for damages, and this makes up a great deal of their income. However, I want to cite this fact in a paper, and so where would I find this information? I’d like to reference all the suits brought forth by the Phelps family and maybe see the damages sought.

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Answer by schazjmd
That would take quite a bit of offline research.

“Phelps himself is a disbarred attorney who was long known for massive litigation; at one point, he personally had almost 200 lawsuits pending in federal court. Although his congregation includes only about 22 adults, at least 14 of those have law degrees.

The church has its own law firm, Phelps Chartered, which is staffed by church members and which has repeatedly filed suit against its perceived enemies (see Halting Abusive Lawyers).

In addition to suing the chief of police and various Kansas judges and politicians, it has sued one district attorney three times for “malicious prosecution.” Even private citizens who filed criminal complaints against the picketers found themselves embroiled in lawsuits — or, perhaps by coincidence, with roofing nails littering their driveways. “

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