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Old Judy Church

Old Judy Church
Old Church
Image by jimmywayne
The Old Judy Log Church is located just south of the Pendleton-Grant County line on US Hwy 220 on the east side of the highway. The sign above the door lists the "local tradition" date of construction (1837), the date on the historic marker on the highway of 1848 is based on the first legal mention in a deed.


Day 64: Judy and Irma at Church

Day 64: Judy and Irma at Church
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Image by Old Shoe Woman
She and I grew up as children in similar families with similar church backgrounds. We both love gospel music and singing. We are both teachers; although, she’s been unable to work outside the home since her son’s brain tumor and illness. www.flickr.com/photos/judybaxter/313258338/ Both of our husbands love to fish–especially from a boat. She is younger than me, but I have a history of making friends with women younger than me. It’s great to have good friends.

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