Lifeless Churches – The Judgment False Prophets Pulpit Pimps Antichrist 666

Brace yourself, I received this Message from the Lord this summer of 2010, that Judgment is being poured out on the Ministers and pastors that bear not good fruit. I own this property which is near where I live which had an Apple tree on the land, and a gust of wind blew through the neighborhood and blew the tree down in a weird 5 minute wind storm (no rain). This happened on a very sunny day that suddenly turn dark within in moments, then suddenly turn back sunny. A Neighbor came and told me that the Apple tree was blown down. The Lord revealed to me why this happened in this video.

Church Traditions, Denominations, Titles—SO4J-TV Judgment Day-Are You Ready?(5/9) Top 10 List

( The FATE of FALSE CONVERTS (APOSTATES) who come to the EDGE of Saving Faith, but eventually REJECT & WALK AWAY from the TRUTH— the LUKEWARM CHRISTIANS of Matt 7:21-23 (UNSAVED ppl who THOUGHT, TALKED, LOOKED Saved). Examine Your Faith! LUKEWARM CHRISTIAN TEST ( On Judgment Day, Jesus will reveal to MANY LUKEWARM CHRISTIANS ( that they are GUILTY,& will spend Eternity in Hell. These people were NOT True Believers, they instead were found to be Self-Deceived FALSE CONVERTS. We’re NOT Saved by “Works” (Legalism), but our Faith is PROVEN by our Works (James2 14-20, Matt 3 8). If there is No Obedience to God’s Word (1 John 2 3-6) out of a Love for Jesus (John14 15) & one Continues In Sin (1 John 3 8-10) then we’ll have to Face the Terrifying Consequences of Heb10 26-31.This is called APOSTASY— which is a REJECTION or DESERTION from FAITH in JESUS & GOD’S WORD. Where people HEAR & RESPOND to the Gospel by making a “DECISION FOR CHRIST” or “PROFESSION OF FAITH” (like Judas). False Converts come to the Edge of Saving Faith— but they eventually REJECT or WALK AWAY from the Truth when Tested w/the CARES & LURES of this Life, PROBLEMS (Matt 13:19,21,22).Jesus warns us over & over again about True & False Conversion ie the PARABLE OF THE SOWER: Matt 13:3-23. ►MORE ON: APOSTASY, BIBLICAL ASSURANCE OF SALVATION, TRUE & FALSE CONVERSION…EXAMINE YOUR FAITH: ►Matt 7 21-23 Jesus: “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom