The Holy Trinity of Judaism

The Holy Trinity of Judaism

“The Holy” Trinity:
Christianity, Lurianic Kabala and Hasidism –
three offspring of the Vatican.

The fact that Christianity – is a fictional Vatican religion, designed to subjugate the masses, has long been known. There are many facts proving it, books written, published scholarly works and movies made. This topic we will not discuss. We shall deal with Jewish Christianity, which arose about 500 years ago, and gained momentum, have developed and survived until the present day, misleading many innocent Jews.

How it all began.

Kabbalah (from “lekabbel” – in Hebrew to take, receive) – is a secret, the semantic part of Judaism. The name indicates that the Kabbalah as a secret doctrine was received by Moses on Mount Sinai as an integral part of the Torah, and passed onto few chosen ones. This knowledge is transmitted only to those who were worthy and able to embrace it, understand the mystical secrets and use them properly.

In the Middle Ages, Kabbalah relocated from Babylonia to Spain. After the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492, the Kabbalah Centre has moved to Palestine, in Safed, where dwelled within the great group of Kabbalists, the head of which stood one of the greatest Jewish sages of the world Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, RaMaK. Rabbi Moshe Cordovero was an expert in Kabbalah and secrets of the Torah. He arranges a secret doctrine that conceals a great knowledge in his books and unexpectedly dies. Vatican announces the hunt for his works and all his manuscripts disappear. Only few families managed to preserve the manuscripts and only in the late 20th century they begin to emerge into the light.

Rabbi Moshe Cordovero died at the age of 48 years, and not his death. From the stories we heard that in the year of his death, there appears certain Isaac Luria Ashkenazi, and opens a “new” trend in the Kabbala, takes for himself students and begins to teach it to them. Also, from the stories, we learn that Isaac Luria was allegedly first disciple of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, although the first time his theory was published 150 years later in Italy. The new doctrine is fundamentally contradicting the principles of Judaism and the belief in the perfect GOD. Lurianic god is not perfect, he literally “lacks brains”, and the mission to make his brains (Chabad – Chochma, Bina, Daat) allegedly entrusted to the Jews.

This new Kabbalah allegedly recorded by his first disciple, Chaim Vital, but none of these manuscripts have not been seen, since Chaim Vital allegedly told not to open them to people. From the stories it also follows that a year later Yitzhak Luria Ashkenazi unexpectedly dies. Chaim Vital writes that his teacher Isaac Luria allegedly received a new Kabbalah from the prophet Elijah, who gave him the new Kabbalah, and that it is the Torah itself. Strangely, is this the way to receive the Torah? Of course not. Torah was taught by GOD to Moses on Mount Sinai, who handed it to his student Yehoshua, he gave it to Jewish elders, and elders to prophets and prophets passed it to men of great assembly.

Interestingly, no evidence of the greatness, and knowledge of Yitzhak Luria and his disciple, and even more, there is no recognition in the Jewish world of these individuals because they simply weren’t there. After 150 years, in Europe, someone published his works and backed by stories of his greatness and recognition in the Jewish world at that time. Moreover, they claimed to be even greater than other Jewish sages: Rabbi Yosef Caro, Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, Rabbi Eliyahu Devidash, Rav Mosche Galanti, Rav Moshe Alshikh. About all of these great sages of the Torah in the book “Shabhey haAri” wrote demeaning and derogatory things about our sages and supposedly they didn’t understand the new Kabbalah and, therefore, they weren’t part of it. And about Rabbi Moshe Cordovero work, written that his teachings – classified as supposedly Torat a-Klipot (doctrine of unclean forces), and Lurianic or New Kabala – is supposedly Torat a-Tikkun (correct doctrine). As the proof to the previously mentioned another suspicious book was introduced called “Hiz’yenot of Chaim Vital”, who said that in his neighbor’s dream RaMaK said that everyone in heaven learns Lurianic Kabala, therefore, it is mandatory to teach it to all. However, teachings of RaMaK must be abandoned. Who wrote these stories, why Lurianic books were published 150 years later, and why it is in Italy?

Note that unlike other Jewish religious literature that was rigidly stifled by Catholic Church, Lurianic Kabbalah was freely distributed in Europe and without fear of prosecution. Not surprisingly, it will soon reach Palestine, where Jews were mistakenly acknowledged as true teachings of Kabbalah, and begin to develop further with their Jewish brethrens.

Christianity in Lurianic teachings.

In the 15 century in Europe there is motion, arguing that in essence, the true and hidden meaning of Kabbalah is Christian one. The founder of the Christian Kabbalah has become one of the most interesting representatives of the Renaissance, Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494). Christian Kabbalists saw the revelation of Kabbalah, with which you can learn the secrets of Pythagoras and Plato. Beme was a Christian expert in mysticism and had a unique place in Kabala which prolong until 18th century.

After work «De Arte Cabalistica» («On the art of Kabbalah”) in 1517 of the Christian mystic Johann Reuchlin (1455-1522), Pope Leo X recognized the value and usefulness of the Christian Kabbalah. In particular, Reuchlin showed the unity of GOD’s name, a great love for GOD, arguing that it refers to the Messiah – Jesus, which Jews do not recognize as the Messiah. His book became popular within aristocracy and clergy, formed many occult organizations, and practices freely without fear of accusations of witchcraft and heresy. The library’s contemporary Pico della Mirandola, Pope Sixtus IV, had many Kabbalistic works.

Lurianic Kabbalah had spread to Poland and became the basis of the origin and formation of Hasidism. Many Christian scholars have been studying the Kabbalah, some of their ideas are reflected in the doctrine of the Trinity. Popes saw no contradiction between the Lurianic Kabbalah and Christianity. However, the Talmud, Rambam and other books were publicly burned by the inquisitors, followed by pogroms of innocent Jews. Some historical sources support the dissemination of kabbalistic literature by Popes who eagerly wanted to attract Jews to baptism and convert to Christianity! Unfortunately, they were not mistaken. In every generation there were people like Berg and Laitman, who abandoned the Torah and its precepts, began to study and teach the Christian Kabbalah to priests, artists, and light-headed women. Studying Lurianic Kabbalah became very popular within every society, especially in the midst of the prominent members of the aristocracy, nobility and clergy.

Unfortunately, many Sephardic Jewish saints were trapped as well and among them: Rabbi Chaim David Azulai (Chida), Rabbi Yosef Chaim (Ben Ish Chai), Rabbi Isaac Kadouree and others even in our generation. We must understand the motive of the above saints who were suspicious of these teachings but had unconditional love and thirst for knowledge to a meaningful observance of the commandments and serving GOD. They tried to eliminate the controversy of the Lurianic teachings, but didn’t succeed.

Lurianic Kabala contradicts the Torah.

One of the foundations of Torah and its basic precepts is that GOD is perfect, one (united). Note that Lurianic teachings admit that there is one GOD – one as a number. But the Torah not meant it, in fact if to give to the God the number, let even one it turns out that there is something before. Besides as it is possible to limit the God to number? The Torah meant not the God, and Its display – unity of all and all. Also in the book “Etz Chaim” is written that GOD is one but he has a wife, called the Shekhinah, and they have kids. It turns out that there is not only GOD but also others. This is real polytheism – belief in polytheism, as it was in the ancient Greek’s philosophy.

One of the foundations of the Torah is that GOD has no body. Lurianics argue that GOD – is Partzuf Zair Anpin de Atzilut, consisting of light and vessels, and that he has a body – VaK as it is written in the book “Etz Chaim”. However, we all know 13 principles of our Torah – GOD has no shape, form or body whatsoever. Speaking of GOD, “true nature”, is a violation of Torah Law, however, to refer manifestations is permissible.

One of the foundations of our Torah is that GOD is perfect, limitless and infinite, and therefore not understandable by anyone in any way. Lurianics argue that GOD – is Partzuf Zair Anpin de Atzilut, and that it is not perfect, and it has only VaK – the body, but Chabad is brains for GOD which he lacks from birth, as written in the book “Etz Chaim” 20th chapter and on. Moreover, it is written of special task or mission of all Jews to respect the commandments of the Torah, and to accomplish it they codified a new sidur of the entire Lurianic teaching called siddur Rashash. All siddur built on tzelamim, tzelem – a constant shape in the form of the human body consisting of various names of GOD, which must be injested into the brain of Lurianic god. The book “Etz Chaim” calls it – gdilat Zair Anpin (to grow up god). Unbelievable and unspeakable ideology! This is in fact idol-worshipper and horrifying after-math guaranteed.

One of the foundations of our Torah is that only GOD and no one else can create something new. Lurianics argue on this principle and claim that the Sefirot in the