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What is the difference between a Jesuit church and a regular Catholic church?

Question by Anonymous: What is the difference between a Jesuit church and a regular Catholic church?
I’m aware that Jesuits are Catholic men who are part of the Society of Jesus. But if a church (where men and women can attend) calls itself a “Jesuit church”, how would its services, ministry, and so forth be different from a non-Jesuit church? Thank you.

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Answer by Adoptive Father
As you are aware, Jesuits are an order of Catholic priests. They are commonly teachers and missionaries. The Jesuits still go to the jungles to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, along with Catholicism. For example, I recently saw a flyer in church saying that the Jesuits are looking for volunteers to teach school in Belize. Many large Catholic universities are run by Jesuits including Boston College, Georgetown, Marquette and others.

I am not 100% sure but I am willing to guess that the church is run by the order, as opposed to the local Bishop. This will not change the Mass or the message, just the organizational structure. I will also guess that church has an associated school or is maybe on a college campus? Perhaps the church’s ministry will be more focused on education than other matters, although the Jesuits also care for the sick and hungry.

BTW I went to a Jesuit university.
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