The Complete Audio Holy Bible: King James Version

The Complete Audio Holy Bible: King James Version


The complete Audio Holy Bible (King James Version) The vocal talents of two of the world’s most gifted artists combine in service to the most popular book of al time, resulting in The Complete Audio Holy Bible on compact disc. Exalt in the Word, as every syllable of the King James Old and New Testaments are brought together to life by Jon Sherberg and James Earl Jones, providing hours of inspirational listening.

All 66 books of the Old and New Testaments
Word-for-word readings
60+ hours of inspirational listening
Transfer to your iPod or MP3 player
Bonus! Convenient CD storage case

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: $ 27.47

“The Names of Hell” – Temple Baptist, Muncie, IN – Pastor James Johnson & Evangelist Mike Pelletier

Evangelist Mike Pelletier will be preaching a Bible message entitled, “The Names of Hell.” Temple Baptist Church is a thriving church located on Muncie’s sou…
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St James Catholic Church San Francisco

St James Catholic Church San Francisco
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St James Catholic Church San Francisco

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James Bannerman’s Church of Christ: Outlined and Abridged with Study Questions

James Bannerman’s Church of Christ: Outlined and Abridged with Study Questions

“Bannerman’s The Church of Christ is the most extensive, standard, solid, Reformed treatment of the doctrine of the church that has ever been written. It is indisputably the classic in its field. And now its teachings are more accessible, thanks to this detailed outline and study guide. Reduced to less than a quarter of its original size, this book retains in Bannerman’s own words the key principles of the Presbyterian doctrine of the church. It’s simple, clear, and to the point—a great help for classes and small groups seeking to dig deeper into what the Bible teaches about Christ’s body and beloved bride, His church.”
Joel R. Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“During my seminary training in Edinburgh, I spent long hours plowing my way through James Bannerman’s Church of Christ. There was so much valuable and precious truth in these volumes. But I couldn’t help wishing that he had owned a word-processor to help him edit more ruthlessly, summarize more succinctly, and present his material more memorably. Some 150 years later, along comes Ryan McGraw with his word processor and does this much-needed and long-awaited work. I hope and pray that many in the Church of Christ, not just students, will benefit from this most helpful study guide to Bannerman’s Church of Christ.”

David P. Murray, Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“A return of James Bannerman’s voice (from his masterful The Church of Christ) is a welcome addition to many conversations. Students and ministers alike, may exhale an “Ahhhh; the voice of an adult is back!” for such a study. Ryan McGraw has done us all a service by streamlining the highlight reel from Bannerman. This book should be in every church library . . . and digested as well.”

David Hall, Pastor of Midway Presbyterian Church

“Professor James Bannerman taught annually on the doctrine of the church at the New College in Edinburgh until his death in 1868—the same year he finished his masterpiece, The Church of Christ. It was in this great work that Professor Bannerman sought to equip his students for their ‘delicate and arduous task’ as future churchmen. As it was the privilege of those young scholars to receive these words from his lips, it is our privilege to receive them from his pen. This distilled and outlined edition of Bannerman’s ecclesiology is most welcome and will introduce new students to one who worked so hard for the purity, peace and unity of Presbyterianism.”

A. Craig Troxel, Pastor of Bethel Presbyterian Church, and Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary