I’ve Figured Out President Obama’s Religion

I’ve Figured Out President Obama’s Religion

It’s A New One That Fits Him Well

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk lately about President Obama’s religion (if any). A recent poll discovered that a high and rising number of Americans believe Mr. Obama is a Muslim. This prompted a strong protest from a White House spokesperson, who claimed the president is “obviously a Christian,” based on the fact that he does things like meet regularly with spiritual advisors (things that a Muslim would also do, as would a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Navajo medicine man).

You can see where this large segment of the public got it wrong, of course. Mr. Obama made remarks defending the proposed “Ground Zero Mosque” at a Ramadan dinner at which he spoke. He does deliver a lot of speeches to Muslim audiences, and in fact his first interview as president was granted not to CNN or Fox News, but to Al-Jazeera, the Islamic network in the Middle East. His father was a Muslim from Kenya, and his mother was a “non-believer,” which is what I guess we now call atheists.

Mr. Obama did attend Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity Church in Chicago for more than two decades. And while this church has been called “Christian,” I’ve heard it leans more toward something called “Black Liberation Theology,” which sounds to me more like an economic philosophy (kinda like Marxism with a racial twist) than a religion at all.

I don’t know much, but as far as I know, “Christians” typically are defined by a belief in this guy “Jesus,” who is a guy to whom Mr. Obama almost never refers.

When the wacky right-wing fear mongers in the press (both of them) brought out some of the more inflammatory, anti-American quotes delivered from the pulpit by Rev. Wright, Mr. Obama (then a presidential candidate) famously “threw him under the bus” and disavowed having heard or seen any evidence of such hateful ranting in that church. Some of us found that incredible, considering Mr. Obama claimed he and his family had been faithful church-goers there for over twenty years.

That, possibly because focus groups indicated you had to be a “Christian” to get elected.

So as I turned all that over in my mind, I was struck by the fact that Mr. Obama has his own, new religion. I see this new religion as based on such things as polls and focus groups. This is a president who is very generous with his beliefs. He’s willing to be whatever you, the voter, need him to be in order to continue giving him the support he needs to transform our nation from a bunch of money-grubbing capitalist pigs to the socialist Utopia long desired by the far Left in America. So right now, he will label himself “Christian,” and if the political wind changes, he might later, some other time, be a Muslim or something else.

That is one flexible religion.

I will call Mr. Obama a “Polichristian.”

But clearly, he’s also a big supporter of another religion he’s inventing himself, and which he’d like to encourage all of us to embrace.

I’ll call that one “Socialislam.”




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