1962 illogical ecumenical movement, 1948 World Council of Churches

in 1948 the WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES gathered together in order to fight injustice and HIV and do many other nice things and all together lose the main point of the gospel (nearly all christian denominations are actually under this umbrella and dont even know it) why does it matter ?? because they at some point control what churches say and what not say…. yes , very scary in 1962 The Same Pope, who in his own doctrine, and Chatecism Says that “outside of the Catholic church there is no salvation” and at the same time invites many top leaders of many different religions to gather together in order to create some kind of peace and they all came and worshipped their own god and the pope says they are all worshipping the same god and they all dont seem to mind make sense? nope! thats why I call it Illogical and whats worse is that he also happens to be one the most powerful people in the world, and wants to control it as well. In order to do this he among many others must eliminate approximately 90% of the earths population and start his anti christ church and lead the world in a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND ONE WORLD RELIGION this is why I am telling you this, so when it does happen that ye might then believe, and turn to the LORD JESUS CHRIST in true repentance amen