What is a good ‘ice breaker’ game for a big church picnic?

Question by mrs_b2008: What is a good ‘ice breaker’ game for a big church picnic?
I need a game that will encourage people to walk around and talk to each other. Also I need some good suggestions for crafts to do at the picnic. Something that younger and older kids would both enjoy.

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Answer by chris
A good ice breaker would be the game “pass the message” where you form a circle and a message is whispered to the person next to you and it goes right around to the person that sent the message, then you compare the original message to the new one.

Another game that i think is really nice is Pictionary.

You can also play the card game “whis” where the losing pair has to give up their place and let another pair challenge the winners. This way, everyone gets to play. I love this game….it’s a family favourite.

Also, i like the Card Game Phase 10.

In terms of getting people tp walk around and talk to eachother….i’m not too sure that there is actually such a game (if there is i don’t know it) but i’m sure if you just put people in groups and have them say something about themselves, and then have one person introduce someone they met, it would be cool. So i would meet you and then say, “i met Chris, she is married, has 4 rottwilers and likes to hike, and wears pink lipstick all the time” …then Chris would say, I met ???? and ??????. that way, it’s like a sharing game while at the same time meeting and learning about new ppl.

Good luck!!

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