I’m a tourist. How long realistically would it take to see these sites? Can i see them all in a few hours?

Question by Aza Eggar: I’m a tourist. How long realistically would it take to see these sites? Can i see them all in a few hours?
I’m looking to swing by and take pics next to these historical sites. The only site i may want to go inside is the Independence Hall, but i read that the tour is super short.

So how many hours realistically would it take to see all these sites:

Independence Hall
Liberty Bell
Rocky Steps and Rocky Statue
Ben Franklins Grave (Christs Church)

Best answer:

Answer by Josh Callison
The Independence Hall tour is only half an hour long. In fact, you might be waiting to get in for longer than you’ll actually be there. Two thirds of the building are actually closed to the public, and the rest is just a waiting room with a painting and a recreated court room, nothing spectacular.
Even if you’re dead set on seeing that, you won’t have to hurry to the next thing, because the historic district of Philadelphia is pretty clumped together.

Independence Hall is only five minutes from the Rocky Steps and Statue, the Liberty Bell is only two minutes away from Independence Hall, and Christ’s Church is only three minutes from the Liberty Bell.

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