Silent Hill Homecoming 35: Church Pt.1 “Dad’s Confession”

In the East Wing of the Church, I find a man in the Confession Booth – it’s my dad. I listen to Dad’s confession, and learn what went on while he was bringing me up. After he left, I explore the Church to collect missing plates from the prongs… *Objectives* – Search the church for anything helpful. – Find the pieces missing from the five prongs. *Items* – Kneeling Man Plate – Unlit Candle – Photo (11 of 11) – Chalice Plate – Candle Plate – Tree Plate – Sword Plate *Supplies* – Shotgun Ammunition x 2 – Health Drink x 2 – First Aid Kit *Note – Forgive or Not Forgive Dad* It’s the second turning point in the game which will determine the ending (The first turning point is shown in Episode 33). After you learn how his dad treated Alex, will you still forgive, or…? In case you’re wondering, if you don’t forgive your father, Alex will say, “Whatever hell awaits you, it won’t be long before you see it.” *Collecting all photos” If you have followed my guide, you’ve collected all photos – congratulations! You can see an extra scene at the end of the game.
Video Rating: 5 / 5