Old North Church – A Historical Landmark In Boston Commemorative Of A Time Long Past

Old North Church – A Historical Landmark In Boston Commemorative Of A Time Long Past

One of Boston’s most popular National Historic Landmarks, the ancient Old North Church is a must see for all those visiting the city. Built in 1723, this Episcopal Church is well known among people as Christ Church and is linked with the phrase “One if by land, two if by sea.” The fame of this historic church began when Robert Newman, the church’s sexton, on behalf of Paul Revere signaled with two lanterns from the church steeple to indicate that the British were marching to Lexington and Concord not by land, but by sea. The original steeple was destroyed in a storm, but today a replica of the original stands in its place.

Everyday, crowds of people stream in to view this beautiful church that has an extremely legendary and mysterious aura. One of the church’s highlights is the ring of its 8 bells, which is possibly the oldest church bells to be found in the country. One of the church bells still reads the inscription “We are the first ring of bells cast for the British Empire in North America, A.R. 1744.” The inside of the church is breathtaking in its old world charm that includes ornate chandeliers and box style pews.

The church also consists of a beautiful and historical garden that visitors will definitely enjoy exploring and taking pictures of. Many rare flowers and plants grow in the lovely setting of the garden, whilst there are 3 major attractions that lie within it. A chapel knows as the Chapel of St Francis originally stood on the grounds, which has now been converted to the Old North Church Museum and a gift shop. A visit to the church will not be complete without picking up a souvenir from the wide range of attractive souvenirs that are available for all ages in the gift shop.

Within the garden also lies the Third Lantern Garden and the Washington Memorial Garden where visitors can relax after walking the Freedom Trail. Along the trail, you will see many unique plants and commemorative plaques of history and times long gone.

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