‘New Folk Artist of the Year’ Nominee Appearing at Alexander’s Hideaway Enroute to Kerrville Festival

DALLAS, TX (PRWEB) May 17, 2004

The East Dallas Christian Church invites you to venture underground this Saturday when its Alexander’s Hideaway Coffeehouse music venue welcomes The Dreamsicles, a Garland folk duo that includes a finalist for the “New Folk Artist of The Year Award” at the 2004 Kerrville Folk Festival later this month.

The Dreamsicles – one part Cary Cooper, one part Tom Prasada-Rao – is a magical concoction where songs about ice cream become songs about love; where whimsical, playful notions, become powerful provocative songs, unafraid to be vulnerable and unafraid to be straightforward.

Cary Cooper burst onto the musical scene in 2002 with the release of her debut album Gypsy Train, which has garnered almost universal praise. Cooper is a breath of fresh air in the usually stodgy folk music world, and has people standing on their heads at every turn she makes. She is a finalist for the “New Folk Artist of The Year” award at this year’s Kerrville Folk Festival. Starting May 27 the music continues for 18 days with performances by more than 100 singer songwriters and their bands at the annual festival www.kerrville-music.com.

Tom Prasada-Rao is well known on the national singer-songwriter circuit, and after 10 years on the road has established himself as a musicians’ musician – touring solo, with the seminal folk super group the Sherpas, and now with the Dreamsicles. He has sold over 20,000 albums, and has recently completed his fifth solo album entitled Out of the Blue.

The concert in the smoke- and alcohol-free, family friendly church basement space is at 7:30 p.m. May 22. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets ( in advance, at the door) or table reservations may be made by calling 214-824-8185 ext. 24 or emailing jack@edcc.org.

Gospel artist Marion Snyder, formerly with the Stamps Quartet and the Imperial Sugar Quartet, will be on Alexander’s Hideaway stage on June 26.

Coffeehouse proceeds support the EDCC’s English Language Ministry, which helps immigrant families develop their English-speaking skills. Money is also donated to the Bedford-based Celebration Shop, which provides “healing musical programs for hospitalized children suffering from chronic and terminal diseases.”

The 100-year-old church offers limited babysitting for children under 8 with advance notice for the price of an adult admission.

Alexander’s Hideaway is on the basement level of East Dallas Christian Church – “Where it’s always a little cool, and a bit dark” – 629 N. Peak St. at Junius, two blocks east of Baylor Hospital in Old East Dallas.

Parking is free and plentiful with four fully lighted lots for quick and easy parking. More information is available at www.alexandershideaway.org.