Hell’s Church 1 – Road to Nowhere

– Aaron, Trisha, and I decided to look for a place called Hell’s Church. The church is no longer in the phone book, it’s not on Mapquest, and there are no websites that will tell you where the church is. Usually, if you ask about the church in a forum you are quickly shot down with people who refuse to tell you. Well after much investigation and a little luck, we found it. *NOTICE* This place is not on the maps for a reason. I request that no one comment on the location of the Church. If I see a comment with any details I will delete the comment. *STORY* The church was originally built in the 1800s. In the 1990’s there we several reports of strange people gathering at the church at night, locals called them “satanist”. Around the same time, a young boy’s body showed up in the cemetery. He had been severely mutilated. In 1997 a teenage boy burned the church down and said he was trying to take down the satanist. In 1999 the church was rebuilt and still stands as is today. “Ghost Hunting” websites all have the church listed as haunted, however no one will talk about the church or give first hand accounts of what actually happened there. After long investigations, many phone calls, and scrolling around on Google Earth, I finally pin-pointed the church and all it’s glory.
Video Rating: 4 / 5