New Song, Worship From the Church on the Way (6 Music Tapes) Jack W. Hayford

New Song, Worship From the Church on the Way (6 Music Tapes) Jack W. Hayford

  • 6 individual cassette tapes.
  • Worship music from Church on the Way, Van Nuys, CA
  • during the period of Jack Hayford’s leadership.

Glory and Honor, 1990
1 Lord, How Beautiful You Are
2 Meet Us Here
3 Holy Lord Jesus
4 Glory and Honor
5 There is Great Hope
6 Jesus, Your Name
7 Who May Ascend?
8 I Will Magnify
9 My Heart Longs For You
10 We Are An Offering

You are Worthy of All Honor, 1988
1 Hosanna
2 Holy Lord, Most Holy
3 In the Shadow of Your Wings
4 So You Shall Serve
5 Lord of My Heart
6 God So Loved
7 You are Worthy of All Honor
8 Jesus, You
9 It’s You, Lord
10 Like a Flood

In God’s Own Time, 1990
1 Glory to the Lamb
2 Unto the Lord
3 Here We Are Once Again
4 In God’s Own Time
5 With a Cheerful Heart
6 Praises
7 Come and See the Beauty
8 I See You Lord
9 The Lord’s Prayer
10 Oh, the Glory of Your Name

O Lord My God, 1986
1 Let Us Praise the Almighty
2 Praise Him
3 I Will Come and Bow Down
4 We Worship You
5 Abba, Abba
6 No Other Name
7 We Bow Down
8 Blessing and Honor and Glory
9 I Will Sing Praise to Thy Name
10 Unfailing Love
11. I’ll Praise You Lord
12. Lord God Omnipotent
13. O Lord My God

We Wait on the Promises, 1987
1 He is Exalted
2 Come Let Us Worship and Bow Down
3 Holy is the Lord of Hosts
4 There is None Holy Like the Lord
5 You are Lord of Heaven
6 Christ Has Risen
7 We Wait on the Promises
8 Lord of Glory
9 Come Into the Holy of Holies
10 This is My Commandment
11. Hallowed Be The Name

Holy Spirit, Come, 1988
1 All Hail to the King
2 I Worship You
3 Holy Spirit, Come
4 Blessed be the Lord God Almighty
5 Thy Word
6 Shine Jesus, Shine
7 There’s a Sweetness of His Presence
8 The Lord Has Led Forth
9 Always Remember
10 Now May He Who Supplies