HappyCabbie Vlogs – How to find a good church

Thanks to www.youtube.com for the dry erase board. In my opinion everyone needs to quit playing tug of war with Jordan. It appears right now he wants to be a Christian again but hasn’t settled on a particular denomination. His return to Christianity is his decision and his alone. That being said, I hope he takes my advice and finds fellowship from an actual church and submits to the authority of a local pastor who can look out for him. More importantly he needs Christian friends who will call him out if he hurts the message of Christ. He will NOT find that here on YouTube. The group 3 Christians on YouTube will overlook just about any flaw from a fellow Christian. That type of friendship is not healthy for him. There is a huge difference between the Christians you will find at a good church, and what you find from these Group 3 Christians. For those who do not know what a Group 3 Christian is I made a video describing 3 types of religious people on YouTube. 1. Those who happen to be religious but don’t post religious videos 2. Those who just post videos of their church sermon so sometimes street preaching but are just promoting their faith, not attacking others. 3. Those who come here trying to start fights, or try to debunk science, or attack other beliefs. The people in group 3 are often very dishonest and will gladly overlook any flaws from one of their own. Being around a group like this is counter-productive for someone who is having a crisis of faith and is trying
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