Kevin Annett: Children Bones found! Let’s Stop Supporting Criminal Churches Guilty of Mass Murder

Breaking News Report November 29, 2011 The Protect Your Children Foundation in collaboration with the Vatican Crimes Exposed Organization have travelled to Brantford, Ontario to document the monumental discovering of children’s bones at Canada’s oldest residential school. Our news team had the honor of interviewing Kevin Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, who has been working with the Mohawk nation to excavate the mass graves where many children were murdered. A fact that has been masked and covered up by the church and state. Today, with evidence of children’s remains, no one can any longer deny what Kevin Annett and thousands of natives have been trying to speak out about as they seek justice for the crimes committed unto over 50000 children at the hands of nuns and priests in these Indian Boarding schools. The Crown of England, the Anglican Church, Catholic, Presbyterian, Mennonite, amongst other religions were in on this organized crime schemes and finally the truth is being exposed worldwide. For more information, visit: or http The Protect Your Children Foundation and its affiliates including the and networks – TeleGracia and Radio NetGracia – are honored to support the work of Kevin Annett, the brave Mohawk Nation and stand for truth and justice – and we will continue to utilize our networks to expose these facts until justice is served. The time has come…just retribution will be
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