Church Labeled as Hate Group

A Tempe church has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Pastor Steven Anderson, the leader of the Faithful Word Baptist Church, is no stranger to controversy. He recently made headlines for saying he was praying for the death of President Barack Obama, and, just this morning, told New Times he thinks the government should put homosexuals to death. “I don’t think I’m a hateful person — I’m a happy, positive person,” Anderson tells New Times.”I hate certain people.” At the top of Anderson’s list of hate seems to be homosexuals. After rambling off a passage from Leviticus, Anderson told us he thinks “the government should put [homosexuals] to death.” He says the bible dictates that homosexuals should be killed, but, as a law abiding citizen, he isn’t about to practice any biblical vigilantism by doing it himself. (He just thinks stewing with hate is healthy!) As for his church’s new classification, he says, “I think the Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group because they hate and demonize Christians… am I going to go around and say I love every child molester, rapist, and homosexual? Of course not.” (Equating homosexuals with the monsters he lists) Anderson says any “hate” he preaches comes from the bible, not him. He says he preaches the literal interpretations of the bible, which many consider to be hateful. “We’re not like a lot of churches that pass over a lot of the stuff that’s in the bible. We preach the whole thing,” he says. “It’s
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What are a few creative church youth group names?

Question by Slym2J: What are a few creative church youth group names?
My church youth group consists of young people in 8th grade to high school seniors. We want to make a t-shirt for next year, but want a logo and a name for the youth group.
thx for the help

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Answer by smoking frog
biggots united

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A Group of Butte Churches (1915)

A Group of Butte Churches (1915)
Church search
Image by Butte-Silver Bow Public Library
A Group of Butte Churches (1915)
From left to right: 1) Congregation B’nai Israel Temple (1903), 327 W Galena St.; 2) First Baptist Church, 201 W Broadway; 3) Serbian Orthodox Church (1905, no longer standing); 4) Christian (no longer standing); 5) Methodist Church, 203 W Quartz (not verified); 6) First Presbyterian Church (1878), 215 W Broadway; 7) Catholic Sacred Heart, E Park (no longer standing).

Image taken from pg. 10 of Butte, Montana by John H. McIntosh.
View entire book at the Montana Memory Project.

Unique ID: mze-butt1915 pg 10.

Type: Pamphlet

Contributors: McIntosh, John H., Chamber of Commerce (Butte, Mont.); Merchants Association of Butte, Montana.; Rotary Club (Butte, Mont.), McKee Print Co.

Date Digital: August 2009

Date Original: 1915

Source: Butte Digital Image Project at Montana Memory Project (read the book)

Library: Butte-Silver Bow Public Library in Butte, Montana, USA.

Rights Info: Public Domain. Not in Copyright. Please see Montana Memory project Copyright statement and Conditions of Use (for more information, click here). Some rights reserved. Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works.

More information about the Montana Memory Project: Montana’s Digital Library and Archives.

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Calvary Baptist group

Calvary Baptist group
Church Calvary
Image by The Library of Virginia
Title: Calvary Baptist group

Creator: Adolph B. Rice Studio

Date: 1961 June 16

Identifier: Rice Collection 3338A

Format: 1 negative, safety film, 4 x 5 in.

Rights Info: No known restrictions on publication.

Repository: Library of Virginia, Prints and Photographs, 800 E. Broad St., Richmond, VA, 23219, USA,

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What do think of someone that serves in the church worship music group, and gets drunk and plastered…?

Question by Ronny: What do think of someone that serves in the church worship music group, and gets drunk and plastered…?
What do you think of someone that serves in their church’s music group and gets drunk and plastered over the weekends?

AKA my dad…

Best answer:

Answer by Jay
At least your dad is smart enough to have fun. Too bad he believes in fantasy though.

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What are some good topics to talk about to a college fellowship group at church?

Question by toiletpapr: What are some good topics to talk about to a college fellowship group at church?
a lot of them seem bored when we read or study the bible. They’re more into discussion and topics relate to them.

Best answer:

Answer by Broken Whole
I’m college-aged and I love studying End Times Prophecy. Also, maybe you could get a discussion going about how to witness to people in college.

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