The Church Has Gone

The Church Has Gone
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This a exhibition that has just opened today .. I think about the Red Zoned suburb of Avonside. Red zone means that all house have to come down or be removed from the area because the land is too badly damage for anyone to live there because of the earthquake damaged land. Christchurch August 23, 2013 New Zealand.

Thx 4 the Memories is the first part of a 10-year Place in Time project documenting the red-zoned suburb of Avonside as it transitions from Christchurch’s second-oldest suburban area to parkland following the February 2011 earthquake.

The Place in Time project has been recording Christchurch and a cross-section of its people through photography, oral history and documentary writing since 2000.

The Avonside-focused exhibition opening on the afternoon of August 22 will feature edited-down versions of comprehensive oral histories from local residents.

Fifty panels set-up along Worcester Boulevard, between the Arts Centre’s market square and Cathedral Square, would feature photographs of Avonside since the February quake, while the other side of the panels would display written excerpts from the oral histories and portraits of the residents involved.

The histories were compiled and written by UC senior arts lecturer Glenn Busch and are accompanied by portraits by Bridgit Anderson and landscape images by photography lecturer Tim Veling.

The display is part of the Christchurch Arts Festival.

The festival runs from August 22 to September 22.

Veling hoped the display could be moved to other parts of the country later.
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Has the International Church of Christ gone under any different names?

Question by 11B grunt: Has the International Church of Christ gone under any different names?
I’m attending a church that is very similar to the ICC but it goes under a different name but does claim to be based after a church in L.A., where the ICC is head quartered.

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Answer by ungodly
The International House of Pancakes, and The Church of Holy Jesus Christ Almighty.

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