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Some serious words from Phillip Keller: Please read. “This is an earnest word of warning, addressed to the children of God worldwide. It comes from a common man to the common people in all sorts of groups and congregations scattered everywhere across the earth. From ancient times God has cried out against so called under-shepherds who plundered and ravaged His people. Always, in every generation, there have been insidious imposters, who, pretending to be true shepherds, were in fact predators in disguise. In cunning craftiness they have posed as legitimate leaders, while at the same time tearing to pieces God’s little flock. TODAY THERE ARE PREDATORS IN OUR PULPITS! The greatest threat to the church of Jesus Christ in the world today is not from without, as so many suppose, but rather from its own leadership within. IF THERE IS TO BE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING IN THE PEW, IT MUST FIRST BEGIN IN THE PULPIT! For a number of years now there has been a growing inner compulsion to cry out to my own generation about this peril in our pulpits. Very often when the concern was shared with others, the response has been less than encouraging. Some have stated rather bluntly that such a note of alarm id too negative, too disturbing, perhaps even too divisive. In this connection a brief comment needs to be made about the phrase, “predators in our pulpits.” Modern-day pulpits take many forms. They are much more than just the podium in a church sanctuary. There are television programs, radio
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Godly Fellowship: Keys to Marriage – Paul Washer 5/6

We learn in this video the wisdom of friendship. Instead of focusing on a small detail we should learn to judge the whole of a relationship. We must understand we are all changed through our wives. It is important to understand this while married, or even single. Wives are to be submissive to husbands in the context of families. However, the relationship is equally important in building together a relationship with Christ. Paul states that husbands can be won over without even a word spoken from the woman. Follow the link to download the full version to your computer: www.sermonaudio.com Sponsored by www.paradiseawards.com
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