Gnosticweb: Bringing Ancient Gnosis to the Modern World

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 22, 2005

Years ago the disciples were brutally stoned and crucified after trying to spread the teachings of their Master, Jesus. In the 13th Century the Roman Church set out to exterminate the Cathars and Knights Templar in the infamous Holy Inquisition. Yet despite the horrific persecutions that sought to completely wipe the Gnostics off the face of the earth, their teachings survived and today the popularity of Gnosis is now soaring – its international success culminating at the groundbreaking, new website which went live on the 10th April 2005.

Gnosticweb’s release signals a radical change in the way the ancient Gnostic teachings are now reaching the world, with over 28,000 students having already taken the free courses at the sister site Mysticweb. Gnosticweb, however, is being released as the site for modern Gnosis – presenting the ancient Gnostic teachings, which have long been encoded in the parables and ancient style of the Bible and Nag Hammadi Library, in a modern way. Here at Gnosticweb this information is taught plainly. It is here that esoteric knowledge has gone public.

Celebrities, historians, philosophers, theoligans, anthropologists, the media and the public are starting to talk about Gnosis, with the uncovering of the mysterious new revelations, sayings of Jesus and gospels brought to the world with the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library, to the recent blockbusters on screen and international bestseller lists. The release of controversial new information on the Gnostics that has been hidden for over 1,500 years, has many re-questioning their spiritual beliefs and long-held views on the life of Jesus, the disciples and groups like the Essenes and Cathars.

Today the spiritual school Gnosticweb and its website, is powered by the internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author Belzebuub whose books and courses that teach Gnosis to the contemporary seeker, have launched Gnosis into the spotlight. 2000 years on Belzebuub is still teaching the often scandalised assertion that all humans beings have the ability to directly experience the divine. And this is why Gnosis, or knowledge, is still alive and fresh as ever. People are continually re-discovering for themselves the Gnosis taught by Jesus and his apostles, once thought to be lost to the pages of history – spread now at Gnosticweb using the technologies of the modern age.

Jason, a Gnosticweb teacher says, “Receiving the information on the courses was like finding an oasis after walking through the desert”.

“People come to the courses from all walks of life,” he continues. “It’s a privilege to pass on this vital information to those who are interested, just like it was given to me. Gnosis is wonderful and I’m glad I can share it with others.”

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