Why is it that im unable to ask a question about religion without getting hate?

Question by Shelby Taylor: Why is it that im unable to ask a question about religion without getting hate?
Its like everyone is trying to defend their religion…when all they should be defending is god and christ. I was just wondering why certain denominations of christians feel compelled to convert other christians to their denom..i go to a disciples of christ church but lds…catholic…baptist still try to convert me.

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Answer by theswedishfish710

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How did the Roman Church succeed in getting such a firm hold on society during the Middle Ages?

Question by Marcel: How did the Roman Church succeed in getting such a firm hold on society during the Middle Ages?
How did the Roman Church succeed in getting such a firm hold on society during the Middle Ages?

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Answer by Mia
It started long before that and was greatly influenced by the development of one centralized religious authority and the increase in power that entailed and then the intermingling of government and religion. The Catholic Church could also imposed taxes. In addition to collecting taxes, the Church also accepted gifts of all kinds from individuals who wanted special favors or wanted to be certain of a place in heaven. The power of the Catholic Church grew with its wealth. The Catholic Church was then able to influence the kings and rulers of Europe.

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Getting Started In Church Communications

Getting Started In Church Communications

Landing a job in the field of church communications can be tricky. There is plenty of information available for the person trying to break in to communications in a corporate or business setting, but how does one go about it in the church world? This concise and straight-forward book answers that question and gives a wealth of resources to help get you started.


Correct protocol for getting a signed congradulatory letter for 100yr church anniversary from President Obama?

Question by Sis. Clark: Correct protocol for getting a signed congradulatory letter for 100yr church anniversary from President Obama?
In March of 2010, St. John Baptist Church of San Antonio, TX will be celebrating its 100yr anniversary. I am putting together a souvenir book and would like congratulatory letters from President Obama and my state Governor, mayor, congressperson and other elected officials.
I need to know how to do go about doing this. Please help.

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Answer by Chip
You Governor may help. Obama & the federal government won’t.

Try writing to them. It might get through. Or go on their major website. However… I doubt you will get much of a responce. No matter what you do.

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Churches Defying IRS Rules and Getting Away With It Too!

News9, Edmond, Oklahoma, 9-27-2010 Churches now endorsing political candidates without fear of losing their tax exemptions. Here comes the theocracy! Story from News 9: EDMOND, Oklahoma — In 2008, pastors created “Pulpit Freedom Sunday,” a movement created to try and an erase a law that prevents pastors from preaching politics. The participation from pastors over exercising their rights more than doubled this Sunday. Edmond Pastor Paul Blair was one of over 100 pastors across the country who say they exercised their First Amendment right to endorse political candidates in their sermon Sunday. The pastors claim a 1954 amendment to the tax code that prohibits such speech is unconstitutional and needs to be challenged. “The First Amendment is to keep the federal government from coming and telling me what I can and can’t preach,” said Fairview Baptist Church Pastor Paul Blair. “Pastors have been conned by groups like the Americans United for Separation of Church and State that this is wrong, you aren’t suppose to do this.” It’s a message Pastor Blair has been delivering for two years now. It’s the reason he continues to use his pulpit to endorse candidates. “On November 2, as this God fearing Oklahoman, as this patriotic American steps into the election booth, I will be casting my ballot for Representative Mary Fallin for governor,” Pastor Blair preached during his sermon. But federal law says Blair shouldn’t be using the pulpit for politics and the IRS prohibits religious

Creflo Dollar Says Church NOT For Getting The Word! Defends Eddie Long AGAIN!

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How do I cancel my subscriptions and stop getting free literature from church websites & have my info removed?

Question by I’m your PRIVATE DANCER: How do I cancel my subscriptions and stop getting free literature from church websites & have my info removed?
I want to cancel my subscriptions from getting free literature from those church websites that you can request free literature from,I have enough free books and magazine from them,I just got 2 magazines today from Good News,
I want all of my information to be removed from the following sites
The United Church Of God
The Philadelphia Church Of God
and all other sites,does anyone know how do I do that??

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Answer by maria
at the very bottom of each e-mail you get there is a link to help you opt-out option, click on that and follow the instructions, they usually stop with 24 hours.

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Ten Tips On Getting Music Teacher Jobs

Ten Tips On Getting Music Teacher Jobs

Now that you’re almost done with your education, you may be looking seriously at finding a job as a music teacher for next year. After several years in college, making the transition from college student to working professional isn’t always easy. Here are ten tips on finding and getting music teacher jobs that will help get you on your way to a great career.

1. Start looking early. The best time to find openings in music teacher jobs is in late March and early April, when school departments are hiring for the upcoming school year. During your student teaching months, get your resume and reference letters put together and start shopping your resume around. Be sure that you let teachers, colleagues and friends know that you’re looking for music teacher jobs – other people are your best source of job leads.

2. Decide what type of music teacher jobs you really want. Knowing whether you want to work with elementary school or pre-schoolers rather than high schoolers, or vice versa will help narrow your job search down to manageable proportions.

3. Remember that YOU are responsible for finding a job. The school districts will not come to you – you have to go after them aggressively. Decide where you want to work, and get your resume out to them. Follow up with phone calls and letters to get an interview and be prepared to go in there and wow them in the interview.

4. Networking is one of the most important things you can do to find music teacher jobs. Let your college career office know that you are looking, let your mother know that you are looking and talk about your job hunt when the opportunity arises. You can be even more proactive – assemble a list of people you know who might hear of music teacher jobs that are open and contact them with a pleasant, polite letter letting them know that you’re looking and asking for any advice or information that they can offer.

5. Check the bulletin board at your local schools. This is one of those often overlooked resources. Most school districts advertise all job openings internally before posting job openings publicly. If you’re practice teaching, you’ve got a good reason to be in the school where you can regularly scan the teacher’s bulletin board for information about music teacher jobs and other job openings.

6. Check with placement companies. More and more often, school departments and private schools are turning to job placement agencies to present them with job candidates for more specialized positions like music teacher jobs. You’ll need a good resume and cover letter, and the nerve to pick up the telephone and ask for an interview.

7. Use the Internet to make your search for music teacher jobs easier. If the local teacher’s union has a web site, that’s a great place to start your job search, but don’t leave out the old standards – http://Monster.com, Yahoo’s HotJobs and other big job recruitment sites.

8. Spend some time on your resume. Don’t just slapdash your resume together. Sit down with it and take the time to correlate your job history, education, professional experience and volunteer experience. Remember to keep it brief – but make sure the important information gets in there. In this case, your summer job at McDonald’s may not mean anything at all – but your six years attending band camp, progressing from student to head counselor certainly will.

9. Don’t send your resume out naked. Never assume that your resume will ‘speak for itself’. A cover letter is an important part of your job search package. Once you pick out a couple of music teacher jobs to which you want to apply, personally tailor a cover letter to each school district. The cover letter should be no more than two to three paragraphs, and should include how you heard about the position, the reasons why you think you’d be a good choice for the job, and contact information. You should also make a point of asking for an interview with a sentence like, “I’m very interested in learning more about the vacant music teacher position, and look forward to a chance to discuss how my skills would be an asset in the classroom. I will call early next week to be sure that my resume arrived safely. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

10. At the interview, be prepared with some questions of your own. Make a point of coming up with a list of questions – and bring the list with you so you don’t forget. Some sample questions include, “How many classes per week will I be teaching?” and “Are there any traditional music ensembles or performances that I’ll be expected to prepare students for?”

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