Abandoned City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana – June 2011. Urban Exploration / UrbEx.

More pics on my Flickr: www.flickr.com This church was featured in an episode of the TV show Life After People. The city of Gary, Indiana was founded as a booming steel city as the twentieth century passed, and areas downtown saw the construction of several impressive buildings during these prosperous early years. In 1925, a cornerstone ceremony took place at 577 Washington St. to commemorate the construction of a Gothic Revival church called City Methodist. It was completed 21 months later, at the cost of one million dollars – 5000 of which was contributed by the United States Steel Corp. (which also founded the city). Elbert Gary, the chairman of US Steel and origin of the city’s name, donated a Skinner organ as well. The Bedford limestone structure consisted of a 50-foot tall sanctuary nave and elaborate stonework, and was able to seat 950 worshipers; City Methodist had a congregation of nearly 3000 members in its heyday. The building was also home to Seaman Hall – a 1000 seat auditorium, and a gymnasium with a full size basketball court. Storefronts were built into the building, with hopes that the income would offset the enormous maintenance costs. During the 1920s, Pastor William Seaman rallied against the power of the Ku Klux Klan in Indiana, and welcomed black worshipers into City Methodist during a time when African Americans were not permitted in “white churches.” Gary entered a downward spiral during the 1960s, like many other industrial cities during the
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BALON by Gary Granada – Tribute Music Video to a great Filipino Artist

My friend Gary Granada, I met him at the Recreation Hall of the Philippine Refugee Processing Center. Bought 3 of his autographed tapes and I’ve listening to it ever since, during 3 year service at the the Philippine Refugee Processing Center in Morong, Bataan, to my adventurous OFW days in Saudi Arabia and now here in Canada. The sound may not be very good because I converted it to MPEG directly from the original tapes, by the lyrics and the musics still touches my soul. I made this video para kanimo bay Gary! Gary: – is a public school tutor (University of the Philippines) of a masteral subject in Development Communications – chairs Kaalagad, an interfaith ecumenical community – is a board member of Conspiracy, FILSCAP and FPE – was born in 1960 in Maco Davao (Compostela Valley) – mother Cristina is a dressmaker; father Ireneo fished, organized unions; sister Gilda is teacher, was an OFW – shined shoes, peddled sweepstakes, newspapers and komiks, boiled and sold bananas, tended sarisari store – grumbled and learned ukelele upon father’s insistence – did fairly well in elementary and high school (finished valedictorian in Maco Heights and Maryknoll) and went to college (Metallurgical Engineering, University of the Philippines) on government stipend (NSDB, now DOST) but was kicked out of UP and has no college diploma – played varsity softball in high school, twisted a finger – was on the 49’ers Engineering champions chess team – worked as a photographer for the Department

Pope Benedict XVI Honors Gary Krupp of New York for Work With Pave the Way Foundation

Vatican City State (PRWEB) February 25, 2007

As a gesture of gratitude in recognition of his dedicated and tireless efforts on behalf of Catholic-Jewish and Vatican-Israeli relations, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has bestowed the rank of Knight Commander with a Silver Star of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great upon Mr. Gary Krupp of New York. The conferral of the Silver Star marks the second time Krupp has been honored by the Supreme Pontiff, having been previously invested as a Knights Commander in the same order by the late Pope John Paul II. Gary and his wife Meredith founded Pave the Way Foundation, a nonprofit charity dedicated to the promotion of peace and understanding between religions through cultural, technological and education exchanges.

His Eminence Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican Secretary of State, presented Mr. Krupp with the honor in Rome, following the presentation of the Bodmer Papyrus to Pope Benedict XVI, as a gift given to the Vatican Library through the initiative of Pave the Way Foundation. Also present for the conferral were His Eminence Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, Archivist of the Holy Roman Church, and His Excellency Bishop Raffaele Farina, SBD Prefect of the Vatican Library.

Mr. Krupp holds the distinction of being the only Jewish man in history to be invested as a Knights Commander of St. Gregory with a Silver Star and to also be invested as an Officer Brother in the Order of St. John, an honor he received by consent of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in 2005

About Pave the Way Foundation: PTWF is dedicated to achieving peace by bridging “the intellectual gap,” promoting tolerance and understanding, by enhancing relations between religions through cultural, technological and intellectual gestures. The Foundation has a simple yet monumental vision: To enable all the world’s religions to mutually realize that extremism, politics and personal agendas must not be allowed to poison the true benevolent message common to all faiths. Bigotry and hatred must be abolished by the faithful embracing their similarities and savoring their differences.