Garner Biz Expo 2011

April 7, 2011 Garner United Methodist Church 10:00am — 5:00pm The Chamber’s annual one-day trade show gives Chamber businesses the opportunity to exhibit their goods and services to the community. Extensive print and radio advertising attract crowds for our exhibitors. Last year’s event featured 100 exhibitors and more than 1200 attendees. The price list for exhibitor opportunities is available at the Chamber. Attendance at the event is free and open to the public.

garner [a small typology]

garner [a small typology]
Church advertising
Image by the|G|™
a name in stone.

what did these people think was conferred upon them by having their names carved into stone and placed in the walls of a methodist chapel?

it strikes me as terribly ‘worldly’ and hubristic.

in my reading, the messagages this particular process does confer include:

the fact that these people are advertising how wealthy they are.

the fact that these people are not only advertising their wealth, they are also advertising their ‘kindness’.

this is a message that says ‘i can afford to be kind’.

this is a message that says ‘we are the kindest, wealthiest, most important people attending this chapel’.

it all seems particularly uncomfortable [and oh so ‘human’] given the building’s usage.

just conceptually freewheeling.
as usual.