Community Forum In Middletown To Address Education And Juvenile Justice

Community Forum In Middletown To Address Education And Juvenile Justice
A community forum on “The Intersection of Education and Juvenile Justice” will be held Oct. 25 from 6 to 8 p.m. at First Church of Christ Congregational, 90 Court St.
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Church forum on schools, city
STOCKTON – Candidates from two of the four Stockton Unified school board races are scheduled to participate Thursday night in a public forum at Greater White Rose Church of God in Christ, 2340 S. Pilgrim St.
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Today at a Glance
Ecumenical Healing Service, 7 p.m., Christ Episcopal Church, |15 West High St. in Ballston Spa; 885-1031.
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Celestial Church of Christ Forum!

Celestial Church of Christ Forum!

Celestial Church Of Christ Forum! : An Internet Forum

An Internet forum is a web application for holding discussions and posting user-generated content. A Forum is simply where people connect, discuss, share and learn. Forum topics vary greatly and can be about almost anything. Commonly forums can be about games, TV shows, mobile phones, websites and even people. CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST FORUM at is an example. People can view or read discussions from outside a forum but cannot partake in such discussions if they are not registered.


Membership is free on the Celestial Church Of Christ Forum! Registered members of a forum, who are identified by unique usernames, may have additional privileges, such as the ability to edit their previous posts, start new topics, upload pictures and control their individual settings and profiles.

The Celestial Church of Christ Forum has been developed based on a word from God that:

“the online forum would be a portal of information to the whole world, where people would come, search and get solutions to their problems from what members of the Celestial Church of Christ and forum members have discussed”

The CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST FORUM! has various forums and boards like:

GENERAL CATEGORY- This is a forum for Celestial Church Of Christ Parishes and Their Locations. General Discussion; Introductions and Current events.

SPIRITUAL- This is a forum for Bible Study and Discussions; Celestial Church of Christ Hymnals; Prayer Chains and Requests and Ministries/outreach Discussions and Testimonies.


MEDIA, BOOKS & WRITING- This is a forum for Gospel Shows and Broadcasts; Poetry and creative writing, where you show others your poetry and read others’; and Book Discussions to review books that you have read and discuss related topics.

PEOPLE- A forum for discussing issues dealing with being parents and/or marriage; singles, courtship and dating and a place for teens to hang out and talk with each other.

EDUCATION, CAREER, FINANCE, BUSINESS, JOBS & SELF IMPROVEMENT- This is a forum for discussion of education, educational resources and opportunities; career talk; financial talk; business opportunities; job opportunities and recruitment programs; self improvement, motivational & inspirational principles.

ENTERTAINMENT- In this forum, entertainment is discussed in terms Music; Movies & Reality Shows; Sports; Fashion & Style; Comedy & Jokes and Games, etc

HEALTH– Health Issues, Food is discussed here.

PUBLICITY– Where News & Announcements are to be posted; there is also “Advertise Here”, to give your personal businesses and programmes publicity.


What are the Benefits of Joining the Forum?

Contribute your ideas to impart the whole world. Share Information with millions of internet users. Get current information of what is happening around the world. Learn from peoples’ contributions and get solutions to your questions and puzzles. Connect yourself, your parish with people and other parishes around the world. Publicize your ministries and outreaches, church activities and programmes, expertise, personal businesses, FREE.

Join Celestial Church of Christ Forum & Online Discussion Board; Discuss Various Topics. Share Information, Learn & Connect With People around the World. Publicize Your Programmes, Expertise & Businesses To Billions Of Internet Users. Register FREE!:


Join Celestial Church Of Christ Forum! & Online Discussion Board. Get Information. Share, Learn, Connect With People Around The World & Publicize Your Businesses & Programmes To Billions Of Internet Users. . Invite Everyone.