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Is it wrong for a church to tell its followers to vote on certain bills and laws?

Question by Gundamjunkie: Is it wrong for a church to tell its followers to vote on certain bills and laws?
I had a conversation with a friend today about his church. The subject of gay marriage came up and I remembered back about a year or so ago when Arizona was voting on Proposition 102 (about gay rights) and I asked him if his church told them to vote “yes” on this proposition and he said they did. I found this to be completely wrong and horrible but he disagreed with me. Do you guys think this is wrong of the church to tell the people to vote a certain way?

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Answer by Zach
Yes, it is wrong for them to do so and can actually be against the law. They could lose their tax exemptions for talking about politics from the pulpit like that.

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Calvary Bible Church Milpitas offers solace to followers of Doomsday prophet Harold Camping

Family Radio President Harold Camping had predicted that on May 21, 2011, 200 million people will Rapture while the rest left behind will perish in a series of natural disaster, including violent earthquakes. Believing him, many of Camping’s followers sold their possessions and quit their jobs to prepare for the Judgment Day. But when nothing happened on May 21, Camping’s followers became devastated. However, help was at hand. Jacob Denys, pastor of Calvary Bible Church, Milpitas, CA, led a small group to offer spiritual counseling and support to Camping’s followers. Read the full story in sanfrancisco.ibtimes.com
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