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Christian Fellowship Church service 6-29-14

Christian Fellowship Church Sunday morning worship service for June 29, 2014. Verses preached Proverbs 3 Psalm 40 2 Sam. 11 Pastor- Neil Coleman Bro. Gary Wr…
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Flipside talk with Richard Martini at Fellowship of the Inner Light Church Virginia Beach

While speaking in Virginia Beach, I was invited to speak for a half hour at the Fellowship of the Inner Light Church in Virginia Beach. (More info at FLIPSID…

Fellowship Bible Church- do they “really” believe that infants who die of SIDS before baptism all go to hell?

Question by Dorothy K.: Fellowship Bible Church- do they “really” believe that infants who die of SIDS before baptism all go to hell?
O. K. Here is the deal, I am trying to get back into Christianity and was looking for a church to attend and my neighbor (I live in an apartment building) asked me to go to Fellowship Bible Church with her for this coming Sunday. I haven’t yet agreed to go; haven’t disagreed either, but today she wanted to get me caught up in bible study, so I went to her house and we read the first 3 chapters in the book of John. Her husband said that he was baptized as a baby and he felt that was good and that he didn’t need to be baptized again. I just kept an open mind; not really sure what to think. I too, was baptized in Lutheran Church as a baby and was confirmed at 14. Well, his wife said that infant baptism does not count because you are not aware of the significance of this choice. Again, I just kept an open mind and closed mouth. Well, then I couldn’t stand it anymore so I asked, “What happens to babies that die suddenly and were not yet baptized?”
Her response was that the “elders” of the church taught her that they definitely go to hell, because they haven’t repented for original sin. She said that miscarriages are the same way- that potential life goes to hell and aborted babies go to hell too.


Now I’m just wondering if that is even what Fellowship Bible Church even teaches.

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Answer by nofx
your neighbor has issues in her life that she needs to deal with.

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