In The Memory of The Martyrs of The Church of Alexandria 1/1/2011 [Mariam Fekry & Her Family]

Two Sisters, Their Mother and Her Sister… Mariam, Martina, Sonia and Samira… They all were praying to God, for a Happy New Year… They were Praying inside the Church they used to attend.. They were praying for everything new.. But this world never gave them the opportunity of knowing that.. Four Angels living on Earth were killed by One Devil living on the same Earth… They Never hurt anyone.. They never hated… Pure and Lovely… They loved God so much, that this world was much less than they deserved… But Now, They earned the place they deserve.. They earned the life they always wanted.. The Eternal Life with God… In the name of Jesus they went to Jesus, with Their blood they glorified his name.. And yes, their blood is priceless… Jesus is its only price.. Please remember us in Heaven my dear… Please Pray for us… And Please forgive us if we have ever hurt you… God bless your pure souls.. Rejoice Heaven!