Jesus Does The Will of His Father…Our Eternal Father

Jesus Does The Will of His Father…Our Eternal Father


Of My Passion, I want you to consider above all, the bitterness that was caused by My knowing the sins, that darkening the mind of man, lead him to aberrations Most of the time these sins are accepted as a fruit of natural inclinations that, it is said, cannot be opposed by one’s own will.  Today, many souls are in grave sin, blaming others or fate, without the possibility of getting rid of them.  I saw this in Gethsemane and I know the great evil that My soul would absorb.  So many are lost like that and how I suffered for them!

Thus by My example, by washing their feet and becoming their Food, I taught My Apostles to mutually support each other.  The hour was approaching for which the Son of God had been made man and Redeemer of the human race; for which He was going to still His Blood and give His Life for the world.

At that moment I wanted to be in prayer and give Myself to the Will of My Father……It was then that My Will as a man conquered the natural resistance to the great suffering prepared for Me by Our Father, who you see was hurting more than Myself.  Then, among those lost souls, I surrendered My Own Soul to repair that, which had already become corrupt.  My Omnipotence can do all, but wants littleness upon which to add of the other, and this littleness, I Myself offer it with infinite Love.

My Passion……..what a bottomless abyss of bitterness within which it enclosed itself!

How mistakenly remote is he who believes he comprehends it, yet only thinks of the terrible sufferings of My Body.

Dear souls, learn from your Model that the only necessary thing, even if your nature rebels, is to submit yourself with humility and to surrender yourself to fulfil the Will of God.

I also wanted to teach souls that all-important acts must be prepared and revitalised through prayer.  In prayer the soul is fortified for the most difficult things and God communicates with the soul, gives it advice, and inspires it even when it (the soul) is not aware of it.

I withdrew to the Garden with three of My Disciples, in order to teach them that the three Powers of the soul should accompany and help them in prayer.

Remember, from memory, the divine benefits, the perfection of God: HIS KINDNESS, HIS POWER, HIS MERCY, and the Love that He has for you.  Afterwards, look with understanding on how to correspond to the marvels that He has done for you…….Through prayer, in your retreat and silence, allow your will to be moved to do more and the best for God, and to be consecrated for the salvation of souls, whether by means of your apostolic work or by your humble and hidden life.

Prostrate yourselves humbly as creatures in the presence of their Creator, and adore His designs over you, whatever they may be, committing your will to the Divine One.

In this way I offered Myself to fulfil the work of redeeming the world.  Ah! What a moment it was when I felt all those torments come over Me, the torments I was to suffer in My Passion:  the slander, the insults, the scourging, the kicks, the Crown of Thorns, the thirst, the cross……

All that passed before My eyes at the same time that an intense pain hurt My Heart; the offences, the sins, and the abominations that would be committed in the passing of time.  And I not only saw them, but I felt reinvested with all those horrors, and in this way I presented Myself to My Celestial Father to implore Mercy.

I offered Myself as a lily to calm His Anger and appease His Wrath.  Nevertheless, with so many crimes and so many sins, My human nature experienced a mortal agony to the point of sweating blood.

Is it possible for this anguish and this Blood to be useless for so many souls?…….My Love was the origin of My Passion.  If I had not wanted it, who would have been able to touch Me?  I wanted it and to accomplish this, I used the cruellest amongst men.

Before suffering, I knew in Myself all suffering and I could evaluate it entirely.  But then, when I wanted to suffer, in addition to full knowledge and appraisal, I had the human sensation of all sufferings.  I took all of them.

Speaking of My Passion, I cannot go into so much detail.  Because of your human nature, you could not begin to understand the enormous extent of the pains that I have suffered.

Yes, I illuminate you, but I stay within a limit beyond which you cannot advance.

But today the world will know more than I have allowed up to now, because My Father wants it this way.  For that reason, a ray of love flourishes in My Church because of all the changing circumstances that took Me from the Garden to Calvary.  More than to anyone else, I manifest My Passion to the loved ones I had in The Garden.  They are able to mention something that adapts to the mind of present-day travellers.  And if they can, they should do it; For you and for many others, in comfort for the souls and for the Glory of The Holy Trinity who desires that My Suffering in Gethsemane be known.

My soul is sad until death.  While the sadness of not being physically well could be the cause of death, I wanted to experience the sadness of the spirit, which consisted of the complete absence of the influence of The Divinity and the heartbreaking presence of the causes of My Passion.

In My Spirit, which was agonizing unto death, were present all the reasons that impelled Me to bring Love to earth.  Foremost were the offences made against My suffering Divinity as a man, yet with the consciousness of God.  You cannot find anything like this type of suffering because the man who sins understands, with My Light, the part that corresponds to him and many times, imperfectly, he did not see what sin is like in front of Me.  For that reason, it is clear that only God can know the importance of an offence done to Him.

Nevertheless, humanity should be able to offer complete knowledge, true sorrow, and repentance to The Divinity, and I can let humanity do so whenever it wishes.  I do this in fact by offering My knowledge that has worked within Me, a man, a human who bore the offences against God.

This was My wish: that through Me, the repented sinner would have the way of presenting to His God the knowledge of the committed offence, and that I, in My Divinity, could also receive the full understanding of what he has done against Me.

Enough for today you do not know how much you console Me when you give yourself to Me with entire abandonment……

I was sad unto death because I could see everywhere the huge accumulation of the offences committed.  And if for one I experienced a death without comparison, what could I have experienced for the combination of all the offences?  “ Sad is My Soul unto death………” a sadness which produced in Me the abandonment of all strength; a sadness which had as a centre in Me The Divinity towards which would converge the tide of the faults and the stench of souls corroded by all types of vices.  For that reason, I was at the same time target and arrow – as God, the target; ad Man, the arrow.  As soon as I had absorbed all sin, I appeared before My Father as the only offender.  Greater sadness than this could not exist, and I wanted to take all of it, for the Love of the Father, and for Mercy to all of you.

If he does not pay attention to this matter, man ponders in vain over the meaning of theses words, which include all My Essence as God and Man.  Look at Me in this gigantic prison of spirit.  Do I not deserve love if I struggled and suffered so much?  Do I not deserve for creatures to count on Me as their own, knowing that I give Myself entirely without reserve?  Drink all of you from My inexhaustible fountain of goodness.  Drink! I offer you My Sadness in The Garden; give Me your sadness, all your sadness.  I want to make of your sadness a bouquet of violets, whose perfume is constantly directed towards My Divinity.

“Father, if it is possible, take this Cup away from Me, but let not My Will but Yours be done.”  I said this in the height of bitterness, when the load that weighed upon Me had become so bloody that My Soul found itself in the most unbelievable darkness.  I said it to the Eternal Father because, upon assuming all the blame, I presented Myself before Him as the only sinner against whom all His Divine Justice was discharged.  And feeling deprived of My Divinity, only humanity appeared before Me.

Take from Me, O Father, this extremely bitter chalice that you present to Me, and that I accepted for Your Love when I came to this world.  I have arrived at a point in which I do not even recognize Myself.  You, O Father, Who loves Me has made sin My inheritance and this makes My presence before You unbearable.  The ingratitude of human beings is known to Me but how will I endure seeing Myself alone?  My God, have pity on the great solitude in which I find Myself.  Why do even You want to abandon Me?  What help shall I find then in such great desolation?  Why do You also strike Me this way?  Yes, You deprive Me of You.  I feel like I am going down in such an abyss that I do not even recognize your hand in such a tragic situation.  The Blood that oozes out of My Body gives You testimony of My annihilation under Your powerful hand.

Thus, I cried; I fell.  But then I continued:  It is just, Holy Eternal Father, that You do of Me what You want.  My life is not Mine, it belongs totally to You.  I do not want that My Will be done, but rather Yours.  I have accepted a death on The Cross, I accept also the apparent death of My Divinity.

It is just.  All this I should give You and, before everything, I should offer You the holocaust of My Divinity which unites Me to You.  Yes, Father, with the Blood that