Extreme Makeover – Church Edition

NOTE: This video has been replaced by a new version which has been substantially enhanced and re-done, but I decided to keep the original (this one) online as a contrast and to preserve the tracking. To see the latest version, click my channel “WesleyVids” – the new version is the very first one that appears in the top left (and I would welcome some feedback comments on the enhanced version)! ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: Our church desperately needed a facelift in a lot of ways…the last remodeling effort was in 1965! The Abilene Wesleyan Church (Abilene, KS) is under new management and we’re determined to become a source of hope and healing for our community in today’s culture. Stay tuned for more of our “extreme makeover”! This video is a FIRST DRAFT and we welcome comments (not all will be published, but we’ll listen to all suggestions). A 2nd draft of the video is in the works, to debut hopefully in a few weeks: we will probably add more pic’s of phase 1 & 2 and some text or other features during the sped-up renovation footage. Your suggestions? Special thanks to the Westview Community Church (Manhattan, KS) Men’s Ministry who oversaw the pew-moving and sanctuary renovation, to our “Design Team” (pictured) who are helping renovate not just the look but our whole philosophy of outreach & ministry, and to New Life Wesleyan Church (Carbondale, KS) for the new chairs to replace the pews. UPDATE (1/1/09): Unfortunately, the church closed Jan. 2008 when long-time core members
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Extreme Faith -David Gates (Part 1/5)

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Divine Symphony – Reform (Extreme Records 2008)

After many years of silence, these warriors have returned revealing to the world their newest opus, the History. Reform is its fifth track. A concept album about the history of the Church shown in a real and true way, contrary to many others which come from those aiming to manipulate the truth in order to persist in error. This time the band comes with a more intense and brutal impact which will raise the standard for the band in terms of respect and honor. This one should grab the attention of any of Dimmu Borgir fan, whether old-school or newer, as well as fans of Vaakevandring and Mour in Silence. In contrast to their first album Reject Darkness, The History presents a band that is totally immersed in the dimension of brutal and symphonic black metal. Reform Lyrics below Again man had let himself be taken over by his desires and will, faith was forgotten by many, giving space to evil The age of reform Those that were to teach and guide the people in the way to salvation were drowning in their riches; forgetting the great promise salvation, the supreme gift from God had become a corrupted message in the hands of wolves, an instrument to make them richer. A time of anguish, tears and ignorance, but also a time in which brave men opposed all the heresies of the Roman church lies and false doctrines indulgences that were nothing more than a way for the Roman church to exploit the people, taking advantage of their belief, squandering in luxury, resources acquired from the

Extreme Makeover: Family Edition

Ferndale, WA (PRWEB) May 14, 2006

Pastor Dave Lunsford will be bringing a series of sermons on the family for the next seven Sundays in a row at First Baptist Church of Ferndale, WA. The topics are as follows:

May 14th – How to Live Happily Ever After – a meaningful marriage and family life is possible

May 21st – From the Pits to the Ritz – real change is achievable

May 28th – The Blueprint for Relationship I – building your life and family

June 4th – The Blueprint for Relationship II – building your life and family

June 11th – The Blueprint for Relationship III – building your life and family

June 18th – Swimming Upstream – pursuing God’s pattern for your marriage

June 25th – The Sacrifice of Love – raising children in God’s image not your own

Pastor Lunsford states: More than ever I believe the only effective plan for progress in the family is the path of godliness as revealed in the Bible. These 7 messages will give you some tools with which to work on yourself and your family.

Everyone is invited to attend on the dates mentioned beginning at 10:30 AM with a short social time to follow the teaching.

To get more information or directions you can go to ferndalebaptist.com