Sites and Photos – Turkey Expedition – April 2011

Sites & Photos was established in 2005 by Samuel Magal, a certified archaeologist and photographer, in order to fill the void in professional, high-quality documentation of archaeological sites and ancient art. Over the years the collection has been expanded to include architectural masterpieces and religious sites from all historical periods. The company is unique for conducting academic-level researches on each site in its collection, and for supplying reliable and up-to-date information about each monument or artwork. Today, with over 350000 images and more than 25000 full-HD video clips, it serves as a valuable resource for both the academic and the commercial sectors. Our collection of over 200000 high-resolution digital images and 15000 HD and Ful-HD videos is used by academic libraries, publishers, production companies, advertising agencies and others. http Photographer: Samuel Magal copyright © 2011 Sites and Photos
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