What Everyone should know about Leadership and Church Structure (In the Pulpit and Out)

What Everyone should know about Leadership and Church Structure (In the Pulpit and Out)

A comprehensive book of leadership material that EVERYONE should read, whether in a position of leadership or not. This material was written with the support and backing of pastor and church, and thoroughly scrutinized by godly men. It presents a scriptural view of the subject of leadership, taking care to not denominationalize it. It only defines the pieces of church structure, leaving the utilization of these pieces to the leading of the Holy Spirit. An entire chapter will discuss what it means to be a leader understanding the call, knowing the commitment, placing leaders into office, launching ministries, developing principles of leadership, recognizing the characteristics of a godly leader. Discussion will include things that can hinder our effectiveness, and explore topics that oftentimes might be skirted authority, submission, priorities and relationships. It defines the role of the pastor, look at the ministry of elders, deacons, and other lea! dership areas in the church. And the congregation is not omitted, rather discussion is included of their supporting role in seeing the vision of the ministry carried out. Lastly, the legal or governmental structure of the church incorporation is defined, and some examples and suggestions for how its structure can be properly (and scripturally) implemented is included. The appendix contains a full teaching syllabus of each chapter, as well as samples of Articles of Incorporation and Constitution or Bylaws.

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Whats the hub: Everyone else knows…do you? The HUB rocks!!

The original Whats the hub awesome video advertising the both The HUB, the High school addition to Christ Community Church, and Whatsthehub.org. Whats the hub… It’ll be a fun place to hang out. Check out Whatsthehub.org for more info!! Whatsthehub.org, What’s the hub, The hub, Whats the hub, Whats the hub, whatsthehub.org
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Church bazaar offers food and fun for everyone

Church bazaar offers food and fun for everyone
A few hundred people showed up Saturday at the North Orwell Community Hall to take advantage of the food, crafts and fun being offered at the North Orwell Union Church Holiday Bazaar.Among the wares offered by vendors were ceramics, knick-knacks, books,
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Church mentors teens
Are you looking for a little guidance?The Rose of Sharon Missionary Baptist Church, 1615 E. Murphy, is starting a five-month high school mentoring program from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.The program, for teens ages 16 to 18, will help develop…
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Church Got Lots of Empty Land? Build Housing.
On Monday, St. Martin’s Church at North Capitol and T Streets NE will officially open its new residential development, The Summit at St. Martin’s , with 178 units of affordable housing, 51 of them reserved for formerly homeless people who graduated from transitional housing programs.
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How does “on this rock I will build my church” mean to be leader, make rules, and everyone follows you?

Question by Lion of Judah Regular: How does “on this rock I will build my church” mean to be leader, make rules, and everyone follows you?
How does Jesus saying, and on this rock I will build my church, mean that everyone has to listen to you, that you make the rules, that everyone has to hear the Word preached in the church that you’re Bishop of?
The Apostle says that we are all Preists from the Order of Melchezidek with Jesus as our High Priest. 🙂
amen, so let it be.

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Answer by blest2bcatholic
You seem to be forgetting that Jesus also gave Peter the keys of the kingdom and he also said that what ever he loosed on earth would be loosed in heaven and whatever he retained on earth will be retained in heaven.

When you understand the true meaning of these, then we will talk about the priest in the order of Melchizedek.

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