St. Dionys Church in Esslingen — 360 deg HDR Panorama

St. Dionys Church in Esslingen — 360 deg HDR Panorama
St Church
Image by duerrfk
This photo shows the choir of the St. Dionys Church in Esslingen, Germany. Note the high altar, which is opened completely only during Christian festive days.

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— Technical details —

3 x 12 images at -2ev, 0ev,+2ev
Image resolution: 16715×3278 px

– Stitching: Hugin
– Blending: enblend
– HDR image generation: Greg Ward’s command line tool (hdrgen)
– Tonemapping: Fredo Durand’s & Julie Dorsey’s command line tool
– Postprocessing: Gimp
– Self-made nodal point adapter
– Olympus E-300 (low-cost SLR with more than 16000x3000px resolution through software emulation 😉