The Interdenominational Church of the Holy Lands is an Enthusiastic Young Church in the UK

(PRWEB) February 8, 2005

The Independent Old Catholic denomination rejoice in that God is calling His people to affirm each other. But all churches must move in their distinctive callings.

In the United Kingdom, only ten percent can be counted as church goers. In the decade 1980-89, 3,000 churches closed down and 400,000 males alone left regular attendance. Statistics claim that over the past ten years, two-thirds of the churches in the U.K have declined in numbers. Others have remained static.

The Most Reverend Archbishop Gary Beaver stated “The Interdenominational Church isn’t about expensive buildings! We are not a steeples and bells type church! Our ministry is to put God’s people first and their need for each other. The Greek word for church (ekklesia) isn’t a religious word! It just means a gathering of people. So that’s where we have started — with relationships, with people, with fellowship.”

One of the basic building blocks of the Independent Catholic Fellowship’s structure is the “household church”: committed groups of up to 20 Christians, coming together for worship and fellowship, together with friends and children. The Interdenominational Church of the Holy Lands does not own any church buildings, as it views this as not only a waste of important resources, but also a solution to the under utilised church buildings already built, churches that lay dormant for most of the week, churches that we can share the running expenses and support local community projects.

Through prayer, love, looking to Jesus Christ as leader, and the bible as God’s Word, along with humble, clear, honest communication, our Home Christian groups will become a spiritual oasis in a world that was becoming increasingly devoid of Christian spirituality.

The Interdenominational Church is working towards a home church planting programme of over 150 new “household churches” in the U.K. Let’s reach the hearts of the people and change the face of our nation for Jesus.