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Detail of an Edward Burne-Jones window at Historic Second Church

Detail of an Edward Burne-Jones window at Historic Second Church
Church furniture
Image by yooperann
One of a pair of gorgeous stained glass windows by Edward Burne-Jones of the William Morris & Co studios. The windows were included in a 1902 "Morris Memorial Room" at the Tobey Furniture Company in Chicago. A church member named Franklin Gray purchased them for 2nd Presbyterian.

This is St. Margaret, the patron saint of childbirth.

Friends of Historic Second Church

Taking Atheism to the General Public – Edward Tabash – Part 1

Atheist Talk cable program by Minnesota Atheists. “Taking Atheism to the General Public – Edward Tabash” recorded 12/2/2006 What’s the best way for us to bring the good news of atheism to the public? Should we “bash” religion? Nationally known atheist speaker Edward Tabash will give us some tips. Edward Tabash is chair of the national legal committee for Americans United for Separation of Church and State. He is an atheist debater and chairs the First Amendment Task Force for the Council for Secular Humanism. He is also a lawyer in Beverly Hills, California. You can visit his website at www.tabash.com. Minnesota Atheists practices positive, inclusive, active, friendly neighborhood atheism in order to: – Provide a community for atheists – Educate the public about atheism – Promote separation of state and church www.mnatheists.org Minnesota Atheists
Video Rating: 4 / 5