Isidore of Seville: De Ecclesiasticis Officiis (Ancient Christian Writers)

Isidore of Seville: De Ecclesiasticis Officiis (Ancient Christian Writers)

In this book, Isidore describes and traces the origin of the Church offices, both liturgical and ministerial. In its present form, De Ecclesiasticis Officiis consists of two books with a total of seventy chapters. Book One is organized on the basis of the liturgical practice of Isidore’s day and describes the Eucharistic liturgy with its components, the Divine Office and major liturgical feasts and church practices. The fact that these chapters are arranged in the order of Spain’s seventh century liturgy provides modern day scholars and interested Catholics a fascinating glimpse into a vibrant liturgical prayer form which continues to be celebrated today, some 1500 years later. In Book Two of De Ecclesiasticis Officiis, Isidore studies the offices of those who exercised ministry in the Church of his day, describes other significant groups, and concludes by examining the Rite of Initiation. This Book provides a rare account of Church life and practice of seventh century Spain.

* This is the first complete English translation of this important work of Isidore, the last Latin Father of the Church.
* Isidore is one of the most influential Latin theologians in the West until Trent
* Isidore was a strong advocate of clerical education, a precursor of the Tridentine seminary system, and a reformer of Church life
* The book is the fullest description available of 7th-century Spanish liturgy and Church life and practice
* The book demonstrates the variety of Latin liturgies in the West

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