Karen Drucker song “Face of God” — Rev. Karen Lindvig Father’s Day Meditation — 6-19-2011

seattleunity.org — Karen Drucker sings her song “Face of God.” This leads into a Father’s Day meditation by Rev. Karen Lindvig. Accompanying her are Seattle Unity music director Erin McGaughan, John Stout, Olivia Hamilton, and David Loy, members of the Seattle Unity house band, and singers Becky Thatcher, Tam Katzin, and Beth Trachy. Rev. Karen Lindvig leads the Father’s Day meditation. Photos are shown of some fathers who have died are shown on the big screen. Erin McGaughan’s website is erinmcgaughan.com Kelly Gerling did the filming, editing, uploading. written descriptions, and annotating of these YouTube videos as a volunteer for the Seattle Unity Church. His websites are kellygerling.net http kellygerling.com http progressiverevolution.org
Video Rating: 5 / 5