Church view doctor insulting seriously ill patients and ignoring Data protction laws.

2076 * Do not use the data in ways that have unjustified adverse effects on the individuals concerned; • be open and honest about how you intend to use the data • handle people’s personal data only in ways they would reasonably expect; •Individuals should generally be able to choose if their personal data is disclosed,get the individual’s consent. Sensitive personal data means information as to- *physical or mental health or condition. *If using or disclosing the information would be unfair because it would be outside what the individual concerned would reasonably expect, or would have an unjustified adverse effect on them, then you should regard the use or disclosure as incompatible with the purpose you obtained the information for.

Doctor wants to help obese Christians shape up

Doctor wants to help obese Christians shape up
Mary Mitchell: Why are Christians so overweight? That question never crossed my mind until recently, although — I’ve got to admit — every now and then I would look around the sanctuary and think there are just too many obese people in church. Dr. Kara Davis, who is both a medical doctor and a pastor’s wife, knows all too well how weight-related diseases are negatively impacting the black …
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Thrivent lends hand to Habitat for Humanity
‘ELE‘ELE — From one church to another, a Mainland-based grouprecently wrapped up a trip here to help build affordable homes forKaua‘i residents.
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Controversial Artist Begins Church Painting
Artist Enrique Chagoya is beginning work Friday on a new church painting that will depict an image of the face of Christ.
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