JASON BEGHE – “Scientology is DESTRUCTIVE and a RIP OFF”

Actor Jason Beghe is the first celebrity Scientologist to sit down and publicly talk about his experiences after leaving the group. Jason Beghe (born March 12 1960) is an American film and television actor. He appeared as a police officer in the film, Thelma & Louise, and played Demi Moore’s love interest in, GI Jane. Beghe starred opposite Moira Kelly in the television series “To Have & to Hold”. He began taking Scientology courses in 1994, and later appeared in a Church of Scientology advertising campaign and promotional videos. According to Beghe, Church of Scientology Leader, David Miscavige, called him “the poster boy for Scientology”. Beghe left Scientology in April 2008 and immediately began speaking out publicly against it. He contacted Andreas Heldal-Lund of the organization, Operation Clambake, who referred him to Scientology critic Mark Bunker (of xenutv). Bunker helped Beghe upload an interview to You Tube in which he speaks critically about his experiences in Scientology.
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