Oude Kerk / Old Church Delft.

Oude Kerk / Old Church Delft.
Old Church
Image by FaceMePLS
Although there was another church in the 10th century on this place the year 1246 is given as the official date of birth. Bartholomeus van der Made started rebuilding and extending the church in the middle of the thirteenth century. Since that time the church was named after him. The gothic tower was added between 1325-1350.

Some very famous Dutchman are buried here (e.g. painter Johannes Vermeer, naval hero Maarten Tromp, naval hero Piet Hein, and inventor of the microscope Anthony van Leeuwenhoek)

Two unique bells hang from a heavy oak bell cage in the 4th loft of the Old Church. The Trinitas or Bourdon bell (1570) and the Laudate bell (1719).