Believers In Dallas-Forth Worth Are Better Prepared To Find A New Church Home After Reading Appointment With Destiny By Bishop George Ofori-Nyadu

Believers In Dallas-Forth Worth Are Better Prepared To Find A New Church Home After Reading Appointment With Destiny By Bishop George Ofori-Nyadu

Arlington, TX — Sunday, April 11, 2010 — Before you invest you and your family’s time in finding a new church home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, check with expert minister Bishop George Ofori-Nyadu, president and founder of All Nations International Church. After having preached to thousands of people from all over the world and from different walks of life, Bishop George understands the challenges that families face in finding a church home. Whether you are seeking a new church home for your family this year or you are seeking a family-friendly community of worshippers to visit next Sunday, Bishop George’s book, “Appointment With Destiny” can empower your search and make your destination: All Nations International Church located in the heart of Arlington, TX close to the Cowboys stadium. 

The Holy Bible promises that if you “Ask, it will be given unto you; seek and you shall find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Bishop George’s book, “Appointment With Destiny” demonstrates how you and your family can claim this promise in your search for a new church home. The book opens the door to the right type of spiritual knowledge that families deserve from their spiritual leaders today. 

According to Bishop George, “Human beings are not born to roam about in life instead they are born to fulfill a specific purpose in life.” Finding a new church home for you and your family can be like scheduling a series of appointments with a doctor’s office. The best doctors empower their patients with the right information after each appointment. This is the reason why at All Nations International Church, Bishop George empowers people with the right information to fulfill their destiny.

All Nations International Church (A.N.I.C.) has the right information for you and your family. A.N.I.C’s Women Ministry is designed to empower women to develop their full potential in God with the realization that each woman is fearfully and wonderfully made. The church’s Ministry for Men emboldens each man to strive for a personal relationship with God in order to discover his uniqueness as a husband, father, businessman, and leader. The Youth Ministry engages the minds of young adults to share their love for God and benefit from fellowship with other like-minded teenagers. The Children Ministry provides a fun, safe, and nurturing environment for children to learn about Jesus.

The special gift Bishop George is offering you is a FREE copy of his best selling book, “Appointment with Destiny” for a friend. When you buy your copy, a FREE copy is included for a friend or family member. 

Visit All Nations International Church: 
1308 W. Arkansas Lane 
Arlington, TX 76013
Bishop George Ofori-Nyadu
Phone: 817-323-7721

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