Covenant: Scenes from an African American Church (Polis Center Series on Religion and Urban Culture)

Covenant: Scenes from an African American Church (Polis Center Series on Religion and Urban Culture)

With an introductory essay by Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa, Covenant is, in the words of photographer Tyagan Miller, “a record of things seen and heard in uncommon circumstances, the view of life that underlies it, reflect[ing] the mutual aspiration of human beings everywhere.”

Culled from more than 4,000 images taken by Miller over a four-year period, the 93 photographs record the salient aspects of the life of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church on Indianapolis’s near west side — services, baptisms, weddings, funerals, social events, and portraits of the congregants. In accompanying interviews, congregants share their stories of miracles, seeing angels, losing a child, racism and brotherly love, and being young, black, and poor.

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Culture Shock – Monte Horeb Church (by Center Street Productions)

Second video in a series. We are providing equipment and video production services to help with a missions project to the Monte Horeb Church in Juarez, Mexico. A construction team from Trinity Church is working on repairing and furnishing a kitchen and pastor’s study, as well as repairing the roofing, extensive painting, electrical repairs, and many other needed updates and repairs to the facility. Video by Phil Gioja of Center Street Productions.
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Enjoy a travel to Leipzig: classical music, culture, shopping and good food

Enjoy a travel to Leipzig: classical music, culture, shopping and good food


 When planning a trip to Berlin, always consider short travels to beautiful destinations around. A visit in Potsdam is the traditional choice, but here is another great offer: Leipzig. Actually, why not both?


 In many ways, Berlin and Leipzig complement each other. When speaking about Leipzig, it is, first of all, its unique architecture, music, and shopping that make it attractive.


Like Berlin, Leipzig (pronounced ly’pe-tsig) is a city in East Germany, but in a different federal state, Saxony.


Most important tour sites are in the Leipzig’s center, and may be visited in one day. That means it’s possible to go there from Berlin and return to Berlin the same day. Going one way by train takes one hour and 20 minutes only.



Tourist Information Bureau in Leipzig is located near the main train station, and is open every day.


 If you plan to stay in Leipzig more than a day, go to the bureau and buy a “Leipzig Card” that gives you free travel on public transportation and discounts in most major city’s attractions. Three-day ticket price is 18.50 Euros per person, or 34 Euros for a couple with two children.


Boys who sing Bach


So what’s so special about Leipzig?

First of all, it’s the “City of Music”. Leipzig is regarded as the city of Johann Sebastian Bach. The great composer was not born in Leipzig, but definitely created his wonderful music there.


 Representing Bach more than anything else is Thomas Church, where he served as musical director and played the organ almost 30 years, until the day he died. The famous boys’ choir which he conducted, more than 250 years ago, sings Bach until now, in the same church. Listening to a concert of the choir, called in German “Thomanerchor”, is a wonderful experience for music lovers.


  Bach’s music is also played often elsewhere in Leipzig. For example, in the City’s Opera hall and in Bach’s Museum.



Musicians and museums


Speaking of classical music, Leipzig is not only the city of Bach. It is also the city of Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, the great romantic composer. The house where he lived and died, at Goldschmidt Street 12, is now a museum honoring the composer and work.


 Another famous composer, Richard Wagner, was born in Leipzig, and the composer Robert Schumann lived there. Both are memorialized by museums as well.


Where do malls come from?


Besides music, what makes Leipzig unique is being a pioneer in commerce. The first shopping arcade in the world, known as Passage, was built in Leipzig in the beginning of the 20th century.


 The passage was actually the predecessor of the modern mall. Leipzig developed this kind of salesmanship into an art, and created an exclusive Passages’ architecture.


 At least a dozen of these elegant shopping centers is active there until today and worth visiting. Window shopping in the Passages is possible at any time, but if you really want to buy something do not go there Sundays, when most shops are closed.


Luther and Napoleon



Speaking of history and of Thomas Church (Thomaskirche, in German), this building was the place where Martin Luther, founder of the Reformation movement, addressed at Leipzig residents 1539 and convinced them into Protestantism.


In addition to the Thomas Church, the Nikolai (St Nicholas) Church is another tourists’ attraction. The church was the first base of the quiet protests in 1989, which ended in toppling the Berlin Wall.


10 minutes drive from the city center by tram (line 15) another historical site is located: the monument commemorating the defeat of Napoleon at the “Battle of Nations”, 1813. The German Kaiser Wilhelm the 2nd unveiled the huge monument, the largest in Europe, on the battle’s 100th anniversary.


 For a small entrance fee, you may climb to the top of the monument for observation. There is a museum as well.


A communist point of view


 The best view of Leipzig is available from the top of the tallest house in town, which is located in Augustus Square. The edifice is a remnant of the Communist spectacular building style. Today it is leased to the German Broadcasting Company MDR.


Leipzig was devastated by the allied bombings in World War II, and was not much of a city during the communist regime. However, since the re-unification of Germany, it has been renovated and restored.



Food and literature



In Leipzig center, there are an abundance of restaurants, pubs and bars. The food is good and the prices are not high. The most famous restaurant is “Auerbach’s cellar”, located in Grimmaische street 2.


 The place attracts many tourists, especially German literature lovers, because it is mentioned in Goethe’s play Faust. However, it serves a delicious traditional Saxon menu as well.


   In addition, there are a lot of greenery and water, a walking distance from midtown.


 A list of all beautiful places in Leipzig, many photos, and walking routes are to be found in my site





Moshe Reinfeld is a veteran journalist and Travel expert.

Culture Warrior or Anti-Christ- An interview With Reverend Barry Lynn

(PRWEB) October 13, 2004

Oldspeak writer Dave McNair conducts exclusive interview with the Rev. Barry Lynn, executive director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, a religious liberty watchdog group that works to ensure there is no promotion of religion by government or government officials. While Lynn has been one of the Institute’s strongest and most vocal opponents on the issue of separation of church and state, in the spirit of a free exchange of ideas, OldSpeak offers up this revealing interview in which Lynn explains why he thinks America is in danger of becoming a theocracy, characterizes his dispute with religious conservatives as a “cultural war for the soul of America,” and responds to the charge that he and Americans United are really out to censor religious expression by removing God from public life.

Since becoming executive director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State in 1992, Lynn has been a frequent guest on television and radio talk shows for his controversial views on church-state issues. Lynn is also a weekly commentator on church-state issues for UPI Radio and served for two years as regular co-host of “Pat Buchanan and Company.” Before becoming executive director of Americans United, Lynn held a variety of positions related to religious liberty concerns. From 1984 to 1991, he was legislative counsel for the Washington office of the American Civil Liberties Union, where he frequently worked on church-state issues. From 1974 to 1980, Lynn served in a variety of positions with the national offices of the United Church of Christ, including a two-year stint as legislative counsel for the Church’s Office of Church in Society in Washington, DC.

Dave McNair is a freelance writer based in Charlottesville, Virginia.


World music culture Cheong Hang CAV – HC Network Appliance Industry

World music culture Cheong Hang CAV – HC Network Appliance Industry

Cultural marketing, enhance brand image

Indeed, the sound of cultural marketing CAV business philosophy has always been a major feature in. It is unique in the audio industry. This, CAV president Huang Wen also no denying series. He said, CAV brand positioning itself as a “musical culture of the communicator,” Communication is the “life music, music in the life” of high-quality cultural life aspirations; Similarly, CAV in its worldwide branding and market development, cultural transmission is still marketing its brand promotion and critical ideas.

Series, said Huang Wen, CAV will always be a responsible corporate. Therefore, we have been committed to the forefront of audio industry, the issue of thinking and practice, and from industrial development model to explore the pursuit of product quality, and even start some CAV to promote the image of the corresponding behavior of the atmosphere has never been interruption. The CAV will sound as the cause of the exploratory development of cultural industries, so that the brand image of CAV can very deeply rooted in human cultural soil, and to follow social progress and change, to move people on the aesthetic nature of consumer demand, thus CAV brand promoted the sound development of high quality, and enhance the brand image imperceptibly.

Brand communications for the CAV, CAV’s planning manager Zhang Rui thus described: “Music is a kind of basic human needs, rather than luxury, and we want to spread culture through music, this potential will be essential to stimulate demand. When people are the potential demand for music inspired them, the audio market, along with it are excited, and expanded. The CAV will sound business seen as a cultural industry, the audio device to sell as fine as people’s basic needs of the first Evangelist, CAV will be able to enjoy the best interests of course. “According to Rui description, CAV to achieve a variety of ways to communicate with the consumers of music, such as frequent within the major cities in the country Some communities in organizing music appreciation meetings or activities such as karaoke OK game, but most of the way or in the audio store, the sales staff and customers through face to face communication to spread the musical and cultural CAV introduced to consumers in addition to audio products and also how the church music consumers.

Zhang Rui said, “good sound product should belong to the classic product, it’s real competitiveness is quality, this is what the cultural level, rather than what the product level. CAV aims to spread music culture, CAV’s product is the perfect performance of music culture and enjoy the pursuit of high quality life, it is a people experience the products, thus, CAV unlike other business as the cost accounting first, but always quality first place in the global procurement CAV, CAV is to be the most advanced high-quality components, in order to create the classic product, create the classic brand. ”

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Fun Office Culture – You Can Have It Too!

(PRWEB) April 29, 2004

If you have a feeling your employees dread coming to work, rarely hear the sound of laughter, or have the goal of increasing productivity, you can make incredible changes simply by addressing your office culture.

One Minnesota corporation follows a bit unorthodox ideas, but maintains a positive, fun office culture. After renovating an old church into a modern office building with an open floor concept, the interior was enhanced with lively color and unique painting schemes. From their “Where’s Waldo” bathroom to the 50’s and 60’s disco kitchen, this Minnesota business knows how to encourage fun and creativity with employees and clients. Anyone visiting the building for the first time is treated like a celebrity and autographs a wall, previously visited by other “celebrity” guests.

Sit in a stuffy boardroom? No! The alter area was transformed into a comfortable meeting space, complete with a high tech stereo and speakers for the highly coveted privilege of selecting each day’s music. Meetings can also be held in one of three other fun areas: an outside deck overlooking the Crow River, a living room complete with fireplace and lava lamps, or a sitting area with orb chairs and rope lights.

The most well known fact about this extraordinary office culture is that shoes are taken off at the door. Everyone is greeted at the door with a pair of new socks, custom printed with Vivid Image logo. Rumor has it more than one customer has left the Vivid Image environment, only to return to their office – without shoes. After all, everyone is 15% more creative with their shoes off.

In addition to being saluted by Vivid Image staff, lucky visitors will be ushered in by the five wild turkeys that have made their home on the company’s one-acre property, and make their pilgrimage daily for crackers.

What does this fun office culture do to productivity and customer retention? Free of the typical corporate politics often found in a company of this size, Vivid Image is an enjoyable place to work. Productivity is high, and client retention exceeds 95% in eight years of business.

Vivid Image, Inc. is a Minnesota based web design business, specializing in ecommerce, database, graphic design, and search engine optimization. Their vision is to Inspire Possibilities. Hopefully you have been inspired with possibilities to make your office culture a priority. To contact Vivid Image, visit their website at