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Is the International Church of Christ a Cult? 20/20’s Report with John Stossel | RepairedVersion1993

In this video you can see ABCNEWS 20/20’s report about the history and operation of the ICOC & the suicidal tendencies in the ICOC, includes Interview with A…
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Many Oneness Pentecostals believe that Christians must receive the gift of tongues, or glossolalia, in order to be saved. It should be pointed out that such Oneness Pentecostals do not believe that the gift of tongues in itself will save individuals; however, any individual who has received the Holy Spirit, and thus will be saved, will also receive and exhibit the gift of tongues. Larry Wessels, director of Christian Answers of Austin, Texas/ Christian Debater (YouTube channel CANSWERSTV; see our playlist “Dealing with Anti Trinitarians (UPC)” at www.youtube.com websites: www.BIBLEQUERY.ORG, http & www.MUSLIMHOPE.COM) presents another broadcast of his radio program “Christian Answers Live!” usually hosted by Lee Meckley but in this case Bob L. Ross. The special guests for this broadcast are Bob L. Ross, director of Pilgrim Publications (website www.PilgrimPublications.com – one of the world’s leading publishers of the works of Charles Haddon Spurgeon) & author of the book, “The Trinity & the Eternal Sonship of Christ” & Mark McNeil, former valedictorian of the Texas Bible College which is operated by the United Pentecostal Church & who is the author of the pamphlets, “An Evaluation of the Oneness Pentecostal Movement” & “Is Speaking with Tongues the Initial Evidence of the Spirit Baptism?” The founding date of the Oneness Pentecostal movement can be traced to a specific event a revival meeting in Los Angeles on April 15, 1913. The culmination of the meeting occurred when
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