Which denomination of Christian Churches teach old earth creation?

Question by MN: Which denomination of Christian Churches teach old earth creation?
I have reluctantly agreed to give church another try, but I refuse to have my children taught the kind of nonsense that I have become familiar with in the churches I have attended in the past. I don’t agree that evolution is a lie, I don’t think global warming is a lie, I don’t think that the Earth is 6000 years old. I don’t think Noah brought Dinosaurs and every other species in the entire fossil record aboard an ark and I don’t believe Adam and Eve were the first humans to ever have lived. So what churches are there that either teach or accept these notions? I think old earth creation is a real stretch but at least we aren’t throwing all of science out the window.
lol Jared you aren’t going to tell me anything my Baptist preacher father and delusional pseudo scientists like Ken Ham and Kent Hovind haven’t told me before. If you call evolution a lie then you refuse to read and acknowledge the data just like that of modern astronomy. There are countless factors of each that point to the same conclusions and if you disagree you are uninformed. You might as well argue for a flat earth and a earth centered solar system while you are at it if we are going strictly by the bible.

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Answer by †Archangel TJ†
Catholic ones.

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Creation or Evolution, Does It Matter?

Ferndale, WA (PRWEB) May 28, 2006

“Creation or Evolution? Does It Matter?” will be the topic of a free seminar led by Dr. Jerry Layton and his wife Donna Layton at the First Baptist Church of Ferndale, WA, on the evening of June 3, 2006, beginning at 7:00 PM.

Since 1999, Dr. Layton and his wife have taken their 2-hour Creation Science PowerPoint Symposium into more than 200 universities and public schools in the Philippines, usually speaking to very large audiences. They have been warmly received in 2 major universities in Thailand, where Dr. Layton also appeared on National Education TV Network in an interview and presentation.

Last July the Laytons trained their first group of Filipino Creation Science Presenters who are now giving seminars all over the Philippines. The seminar shows the weakness of evolution in light of recent evidence for intelligent design in all of nature, and presents Intelligent Design Theory or Creation Science as approaches which contribute more to research and better explain our origins.

The Laytons will be expanding into other Asian countries next year, training nationals as well as other missionaries having science backgrounds. Outside the United States there is a growing awareness and concern among educators over convincing evidence refuting evolution theory, especially in countries which still allow integration of religious instruction in schools. In America, professional articles considering Intelligent Design Theory have recently started appearing in some professional journals, reflecting the concern of many state school boards wanting to present scientific alternatives to evolution-based theories.

Plan to attend this informative seminar on June 3, 2006, beginning at 7:00 PM at First Baptist Church of Ferndale, WA. The church is located at 5759 Vista Dr, Ferndale, WA, 98248. Plan to arrive a few minutes early as seating will be limited.

For more information about the Laytons and their work you can log on to Dr Jerry Layton.