Creating Your Church Website Designs Press Release

Creating Your Church Website Designs Press Release

Creating Your Church Website Designs Press Release

After you have launched your church website design, it’s time to announce your creation to the local area airwaves. This means creating a press release. This is like free advertising for your site.

Creating a well written press release for you new church web design takes time and patience. No one wants their press release thrown away because it isn’t written well and in order to fix it and prepare it for air would take too much time on the part of the station receiving it. There are a few things one must look at in order to prepare a good press release and we will look at some of these now.

The first thing you want to ask yourself is, “Is this News?” The answer to that from your prospective, is yes, however the content your press release contains may not be news to the local radio stations or newspapers. You must make sure your press release is news! To do that you must include information such as your churches milestone events. These are news not only to your and your congregation but to the community as well.

Other news worthy events might include concerts, Christmas and Easter programs and outreach events. These are the meat and potatoes of the church pages of your local newspapers. If you are lucky enough to be launching your church website design to coincide with one of these events, your press release would most likely be taken seriously.

When writing your press release, use the inverted pyramid method. This is the practice of writing about the more important things first and less important items further down the page. The first paragraph should summarize the story and contain all pertinent information.

Example: “Faith Baptist Church at 1500 W. Main Street will hold their annual Easter egg hunt for the entire community on Sunday, April 16, 2009 at 9:00 am.”

This example gives the information as to where the event will be held, the date, time and location. This should be followed by a short paragraph about what to expect during the event as far as activities. The press release should include information as to who to contact with questions or to volunteer to help with the event.

As you continue with the press release, insert information about your church web design being launched for the entire community to view. Make sure it sounds inviting and that the web address is noted. You could write something like; “Read more about this and upcoming events on our website at” This ensures your church website design is noted and at the same time allows your community the opportunity to visit your website and visit your parish as well.

Take the time to find contact information on your local radio hosts and newspaper editors. This information comes in handy when an event is up coming and you need your press release published.

A good press release can provide you with the advertising no money can buy. It not only advertises what you want, but when you want it as well. Churches who make the commitment to reach out to the community find their parishes flourishing with new members simply because their press release was well written and made the church sound inviting.


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