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Many Religions, One Covenant: Israel, the Church, and the World

Many Religions, One Covenant: Israel, the Church, and the World

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Forward by Scott Hahn

In Many Religions, One Covenant, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger spans the deep divides in modern Catholic scholarship to present a compelling biblical theology, modern in its concerns yet classical in its breadth. It is his classical mastery, his ressourcement, that enables the Cardinal to build a bridge.

Cardinal Ratzinger seeks to deepen our understanding of the Bible’s most fundamental principle. The covenant defines religion for Christians and Jews. We cannot discern God’s design or his will if we do not meditate upon his covenant.

The covenant, then, is the principle that unites the New Testament with the Old, the Scriptures with Tradition, and each of the various branches of theology with all the others. The covenant does more than bridge the gaps between these elements; it fills in the gaps, so that biblical scholarship, dogmatic theology, and magesterial authority all stand on common ground – solid ground.

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What is the Covenant?

Question by : What is the Covenant?
i saw this think on it but it was in like small letter so i couldn’t read it but anyway what is the covenant?

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Answer by puertoricout
not sure what you are talking about specifically but a covenant is a promise or an agreement

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Why did Mac Taylor leave Creekside Covenant Church (Redmond, WA)?

Question by michaelann_24: Why did Mac Taylor leave Creekside Covenant Church (Redmond, WA)?
Please only answer if you have a real answer (which means please don’t give advice or make comments about the question, or suggestions how to find the answer rather than actually answering the question.) I am not trying to be mean, but those type of answers just mean I have to delete and repost. I am not out to spread any gossip or anything. I use to attend the church and am curious as to what happened. I’m just wondering why he isn’t the minister anymore.

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Answer by Sword of the Lord
I tried to look this up for you. I don’t think it was big enough news to be online or in the news. But I did find this page from the church’s website that gives a link to e-mail him directly. Then maybe you can ask him that privately.


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