How much does it cost to get married in st mary’s church in minster in thanet kent?

Question by Rachel C: How much does it cost to get married in st mary’s church in minster in thanet kent?
My friend wants to get married in the church in the village where she grew up and wants to know how to go about it and how much it will cost, they don’t have a website so any information will be gratefully received. xx xx

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Answer by butterflykisses78942
you should call them by phone or go there in person if its a Catholic church the bride and groom will have to take classes before getting married!

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Where can i find free or low cost church chairs, drums, and pulpit furniture?

Question by Deangelo H: Where can i find free or low cost church chairs, drums, and pulpit furniture?
I need basically everyhting to start a church
Hopefully an inexpensive hammond organ C3, B3,or A100 with a leslie speaker, drums, pulpit furniture i.e glass podium, chairs, speakers, office furniture, etc….

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Answer by Joseph G
Most churches are not for profit corporations, 501 (c) 3. When a church goes out of business, it’s assests have to be transfered to another 501 (c)3. So if you can find a chuch going under that is your best bet.

I really wouldn’t count on it though. Most of the time that sort of stuff is basically built in to the building.

On the upside, pews and alters aren’t really that hard to build.

Best of luck


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Low Cost Church Building Plans Now Available for Download

Clayton, NC (PRWEB) August 3, 2009 announces two new options for churches seeking to save time and money on church design – Full Sample Plan Sets and Communication and Fund Raising Plan Sets. Churches can now quickly obtain low cost, highly detailed building plans with which to obtain accurate construction bids, begin the building department plan review process, and use for visioning and fund raising in a Capital Stewardship Campaign.

Churches typically spend months and ten’s of thousands of dollars with local architects to create concept drawings and develop the plans to a level of completion which allow the church to get an accurate construction bid. Today, a church can select an existing building plan that most closely meet its needs from a selection of nearly 200 online church plans. The plans are delivered via email from the architect of record in one or two days for as little as 5, 1% to 10% what it might otherwise cost.

According to Steve Anderson, principal church building consultant with AMI Church Consulting, “The purpose of these new offerings is not to provide construction documents, but to help the church quickly and inexpensively determine if the project can be afforded, insure there are no issues with the building department, and create excitement and support in the church.” Construction documents for all plans are available for additional cost, but these new plan options allow the church to proceed with their project very quickly, very inexpensively, and with very little financial risk.

All too often churches spend tens of thousands of dollars on building plans, only to find they cannot afford the project when they receive construction bids. Once the church determines it can afford the project based on real bids, and there are no serious issues with the building department, the church has two options it can pursue. If the church needs to raise money for the building program, and is not ready to build immediately, for a small upgrade fee the church can obtain a customized floor plan and photo-realistic color rendering suitable for framing and use in fund raising communication materials.

The alternative option is, at the appropriate time, the church can purchase full construction documents customized to meet their needs and budget. These plans are sealed by a licensed architect and are ready for permitting and construction. Says Anderson, “This unique process permits the church to defer the majority of the design cost until it knows the project falls within its budget, financing is in place, fundraising has begun, and the church is ready to start building.” Additional plan set details and examples may be found on