JH #409 “Church Of Christ Minister Married A Catholic Who Converted To His Faith” 9Min

Eben Emerson, Former Church of Christ Minister in Texas, converted to Catholicism after an interesting and unlikely faith journey. He had previously studied for 8 months at a Bible camp in Lubbuck, TX. It included a course in Catholicism which showed him how to systematically overcome a Catholics’ commitments, due to Catholics’ lack of catechesis (education) and have them easily convert to the Church of Christ faith. He married a Catholic who converted to his faith and now both are very Catholic. Hediscusses a very interesting and unlikely journey on The Journey Home program on EWTN Global Network via satellite and cable TV, Radio and Internet 24/7. Go to www.ewtn.com for schedules. Also check for details and other conversion video clips at www.FaithFitnessClub.org/JH.html
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Coptic Church tortures a young lady who converted to Islam

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